4 Ways Batchbook To-Dos Help You Get More Done

Getting stuff done on time is a constant struggle at a growing business. When you have customers waiting on you, it’s important to make sure your To-Do list is organized and, well, doable.

1. Look at To-Dos By Categories and Tags

Get More Done with Batchbook To-Dos

If you just look at all of your To-Dos at once, is it a giant list that sends shivers down your spine? Organizing tasks with categories and tags can help you manage that list. In Batchbook, create a few broad categories for the basic buckets of work you do. You can then narrow down each category by assigning tags to each task.

By organizing tasks in this way, it is super easy for you to focus on one set of tasks at a time. Just use our built in filters to view tasks in a certain category, or with a specific tag. All of the sudden that overwhelming wall of tasks is much easier to manage!

2. Flag Your Most Important Tasks

When you have more tasks than you might be able to get done during the day, it is important to know which ones to work on first. With Batchbook, you can add a flag to any of your To-Dos with the click of a button. The flag will help you see which things you should be working on first.

And since priorities change quickly in any small business, you can easily unflag one task and flag the newest priority.

3. Tap Your Team

Good collaboration does wonders for your productivity. You can’t do everything yourself, so assign tasks to the right people. Batchbook offers unlimited users, so you can get your whole team using the same To-Do list.

Knowing what you can do and what you need someone else to do will help you keep extraneous tasks out of your list. When assigning a task, make sure to include a clear description of what needs to get done and a reasonable deadline of when it should be completed.

4. Set Reminders

In order to get a task done on time, you need to remember to do it! When a customer is expecting something on a certain day, you want to be able to meet them with more than a blank stare.

Batchbook sends out automatic email reminders every day to let you know which of your tasks are due in the next 7 days. But you can also get customized reminders via email or text. This works really well for those important tasks that you really can’t afford to forget.

Bonus Tip

Perhaps the biggest enemy to getting more done is your tendency to add too much to your To-Do list. If you have a chronic problem getting your tasks done, re-evaluate how you manage your tasks.

Consider setting up a category for back burner tasks and don’t assign them any due date. This will keep them off your weekly list but within easy reach. Also, try to assign more reasonable due dates to your tasks. When adding new To-Dos, look through your list for the next week and see where (and if) you can fit the new task in. You will get a lot more done if you are smart about what tasks you take on in the first place!

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