A Quick Way to Record Your Emails into Batchbook

By October 22, 2012 Partners One Comment

I’ve written about Yesware before. It is a great tool to use with Gmail for sending and tracking emails and managing templates and prospects.

One of the best things about it is how easily it integrates with Batchbook! You don’t need Yesware to record your emails into Batchbook, but its CRM button makes it really easy.

Recording Emails

We know that emails are your primary means of communication with your customers, especially when sharing important details. That is why we provide a simple way to save any email you send or receive. You can BCC emails you send or forward emails you receive to your personal Batchbox email address, which you can find under your Preferences in Batchbook.

You can add that address into your email address book and use it when you want to save an email into Batchbook. We will match the email up with the contact you are sending it to and save it as a communication on their record (as well as yours).

Yesware’s CRM Button

What Yesware does is make it easier to remember to record your outgoing emails, as well as making it blazingly simple to do so. To set up the integration, you need to provide your Batchbox email address to Yesware one time. After that, you will have a CRM button available every time you send an email. You can click it when you want to record an email you send, or you can leave it on by default to capture all of your communications.

We love this integration because it takes one of our most helpful features and makes it even better! Recording important communications right into Batchbook is a great way to build up a relationship history with your contacts. When working with a customer, you can see what has been communicated in the past, which can be invaluable.

Learn more about Yesware and their CRM button.



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