Accomplish Your Customer Tasks with Batchbook To-Dos

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Are your to dos an endlessly growing list of tasks that are impossible to stay on top of? Task management is hard, and there are a lot of great products devoted just to helping you get your tasks organized and get more done. But one of the most important things a small business can do is to make sure they are getting all of their customer related tasks done. This is why we have designed To-Dos in Batchbook in a way that will help you organize tasks around your customers.

Customer First Strategy

Many small businesses have a fear that important tasks will “fall through the cracks”. We have all experienced this happening on some level. It is one reason why you start using a small business CRM like Batchbook. Things fall through the cracks when you get disorganized or when you have too much to do and no way to prioritize it effectively.

One of the most important things a small business can do is to make sure they are getting all of their customer related tasks done.

The first step to prioritizing your customer related tasks is to tie them to specific contacts. Associating To-Dos with customers in Batchbook is easy. When you create a new To-Do, just start typing in the name of a contact and then select them to add the To-Do to their record. Attach your To-Do to as many contacts as you want.

Add a to-do

You can also add a new To-Do from the widget in a contact view. The contact will automatically be attached to the to-do. Whenever a contact has a task assigned to them, you will see it in the widget on their record.

Contact To-Do

You can also create a To-Do via email using your Batchbox address.

To Dos for Champions

Even when you associate your tasks with customers, you can still end up with a lot to get done on any given day. You need a way to further organize your tasks. There are several ways to filter your To-Dos in Batchbook. The first is to use our Champions feature to tag your high value customers. When you do, you can filter your To-Do list to show the tasks you have due for your customer champions.

Champion to-do

Of all your customer tasks, these should get first priority. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore the rest of your tasks. You need a way to filter and sort those as well. That is why we offer categories and tags for Batchbook To-Dos.

To-Dos in Batchbook are a great way to remember and accomplish your important customer related tasks.

Filter with Categories and Tags

Categories and tags help you keep your To-Do list super organized. You can create categories for your general types of tasks. You might have a category for all customer related tasks and one for all vendor related tasks. Tags help you get more specific. If you had the customer category, you might use tags to note whether the task is related to getting a sale, providing customer service, or doing follow up with a customer.

Once you start using categories and tags, you can filter your To-Do list to see just the tasks that are most important right now. You can look at multiple categories and/or tags, so you can really customize your view in a way that makes sense to you.

To-Do Categories and Tags

Add Power to To-Dos with Custom Field Sets

Sometimes you have more complicated tasks that you need to track. Maybe you have a project you are working on or a sale that you need to get booked. By combining Custom Field Sets with To-Dos, you can track a lot more information related to a task and even use it as a mini project management tool.

For instance, when you are preparing for a presentation, you can assign a To-Do with the due date, which will remind you about the date, but won’t do much else. By adding a Custom Field Set, you can bring your preparation checklist right into the To-Do. As you look at the task, you can instantly see if you are ready for the presentation and what steps you still need to take. With To-Do reminders, you can set up notifications to remind you to look at that To-Do not just on the due date, but on any number of important milestone days prior to when it is due.

To-Do Custom Fields

Teamwork Built In

Of course, getting customer tasks done often takes teamwork. Since Batchbook is a social CRM built with collaboration in mind, we’ve got you covered there too. To-Dos can be assigned to any user. Each user can filter to see just the tasks that are assigned to him. If you want to keep a user informed of a task, but not assign it directly to her, you can just associate her with it as a contact. Collaborating on customer related tasks couldn’t be easier!

To-Dos in Batchbook are a great way to remember and accomplish your important customer related tasks. If you find yourself overwhelmed by your to do list, give To-Dos in Batchbook a try. They are just another step toward organized bliss!




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