Batchbook Adds Facebook, Enhanced Twitter & LinkedIn Integration

We’re on a bit of a roll with launching revamped versions of integrations in Batchbook. First it was MailChimp and now it’s on to something very near and dear to our hearts: social media.

This is a major revamp to how we integrate social media in Batchbook. We’ve both revamped Twitter and Linkedin and added full Facebook support. Let’s take a look at some screenshots of the new integrations. We also have a great screencast at the bottom so you can see it all in action.

First let’s take a look at Twitter:

Build social media activity into your workflow
For each service, we’ve added a more complete profile to your social media supertag. You’ll now see “cards” for each connected account. On Twitter you can now follow, retweet, favorite and/or reply right from Batchbook. You can also save the individual tweets as Communications or To-Dos. Turning Tweets into actionable items is a fantastically useful way to bring social into your everyday Batchbook workflow.

As you’ll see in the screencast, the Twitter search on the Dashboard also has some enhanced functionality. You will see the same actionable options with each tweet. There’s also a new Twitter import option to download your Twitter contacts (both people you follow and people who follow you) straight into Batchbook. You can find that in the import section on the contacts browse section:

And now…Facebook integration!

One of the top requested features of the past few months? Facebook integration! So here it is in all its glory.

There are a couple caveats with the Facebook integration. We take Facebook privacy very seriously, so you will only see profile information for users who have their info public or you are friends with. If you try to view a profile that you are not friends with, you will be prompted to initiate a Facebook Friend request. Each user in a Batchbook account will need to authenticate, and permissions are based on the logged-in user. We won’t show profile information unless you specifically have permission to view it.

That said, we think this addition pretty awesome and we’re happy to deliver something that our customers have been asking for. You can view the last five Facebook wall posts for the user and like and/or comment right from BatchBook. You can also view education history if available, as well as Likes. Note that currently, Facebook statuses are not actionable in Batchbook due to to the aforementioned privacy concerns.

Last but not least: LinkedIn

Some of the same rules apply here as with Facebook for the same reasons. You see publicly available information and if you are connected to someone, you will see their full profile. As with Facebook, you’ll be prompted to send a connection request to the contact in LinkedIn if you are not already connected.

We display the last status, work history, bio, specialties and Recommenders. This is much improved over the previous version of our LinkedIn integration.

How to activate your social media accounts
In order to bring this level of integration into Batchbook, all users are required to authenticate their accounts with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. When first viewing a contact detail page you will be prompted to authenticate and you can also authenticate your accounts via the Your Account link on the top right on every page in Batchbook. The good news is that you just have to do this once and you’re set.

Note: If you have an existing Batchbook account, you may need to edit your existing social media tag to add the new Facebook feed reader field. We tried our best to retrofit existing accounts but if you are not seeing it you can easily add it yourself by editing your social media supertag. All new accounts will have this automatically.

So that’s a quick look at a major update to our make our CRM even more social. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we did building it (but maybe with a little less Red Bull).

Here we go…

About Pamela O'Hara

Pam is CEO of Batchbook, which she co-founded in 2006. As a businesswoman and a mother, Pam is committed to running a company that can adapt to the unique needs of both its employees and its customers to foster better organization, increased productivity, and a more balanced life.

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  • Henrik

    Absolutely awesome! Good job!

    Question. Is it possible to grap the picture of the contact from one of the social media integrations and add it to the contacts page in BB?

    Again awesome!


    • Michelle Riggen-Ransom

      Hi Henrik – thanks for the kind words! The picture is automatically grabbed from whichever account you want (just click on the picture and refresh the page.) You can also upload photos manually, but that’s not as much fun :) Glad you are enjoying it!

  • George Bounacos

    Wow–you guys really rock your outreach to the customer base. Thanks for the continuing improvement product.

    (And onward to a Droid app!)

  • Anthony

    Nice work! Any chance you’ll offer the ability to add multiple Twitter accounts in the future?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Michelle Riggen-Ransom

      Hiya Anthony – yes there is indeed a chance. This is something I would like as well. We’ll let you know if this one gets added. Thanks for the kind words!

  • Apostol Apostolov


    excellent keeping focus on the social media. Give some more info about the facebook integration a one easy tutorial will be helpful for all old BB accounts.

  • Apostol Apostolov

    Just to add to my previous post about FB. Do you have any roadmap plans to integrate any way the FB fan pages and business pages?

    • Sean Ransom


      We do have baked in support for facebook business/fan pages. If we detect you linked to a fan page you will see a slightly different view. Try adding:


      to a facebook feed and you will see what I mean, hope that helps.


      • Briana

        Hi there! I am a little confused by these directions. When I linked my personal Facebook account, I did not have the option of selecting either of the pages I manage. How do I change it from my personal Facebook profile to the Org’s Facebook Page. Is this possible?

        • Jen

          Hi Briana, Jen here with the support team. Looks like Jillian got back to you over the weekend via email. Please email us at if there is anything further we can help with! Have a great day. :)

  • Jan

    Excellent work! Great to see that facebook is integrated.

  • david horne

    Sweet! Thanks for making it less clunky. You guys rock!

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  • Matthew

    Importing contacts from Twitter is not clear to me. If I go to Import a Contact, and choose the radio button for Twitter, all I have is a “Go” button. What will happen when I click Go? Does it automatically import all my followers/ees? That would be a disaster, so until I know what is going to happen, I can’t click that tempting “Go” button.

  • Jasbir

    When I log in with my FB or LinkedIn credentials, will other users in my Batchblue account will also be able to leverage that? It will be a privacy problem if others are able to do so.

    • Michelle Riggen-Ransom

      The credentials are unique to each user on the account so only you can see the folks you’re connected with. There’s more information on our FAQs, posted here for your reference:

  • Brian

    We work mostly in a company/organization-centric mode. How can we link up their facebook pages instead of profiles?

    2nd, I searched for a “Donna McDonough” just now. It returned 20-something identical matches on Facebook including folks in Ireland. Any chance that, since we have the contact info on record, that some additional information be used to either filter or display like location, etc? Otherwise trying to find which person it is becomes incredibly time consuming. Thanks!

    • Sean Ransom

      Hello Brian,

      We support pages as well. for instance put batchblue in the facebook field when editing the supertag and you will see the fan/business page for our account.

      We are using the facebook provided search and still tweaking how results come back. Will be working on improving them.


  • Hugh Macken

    Wow. This is terrific. So glad I noticed this. Nice job.

  • Hugh Macken

    I’m a bit confused on how to do this. I imported my twitter contacts fine but can’t seem to do the same with Facebook and Linkedin. Can you clarify the steps after you authenticate all three LI, FB, and TWTR accounts which I did? Thanks!

  • Michelle Riggen-Ransom

    Hi Hugh- As long as you’re already connected with the contact in Facebook, you should be able to pull the info into Batchbook. If that’s the case and it’s still not working, please send an email into with info on what’s happening and they can take a look at your specific account.

  • Heather Hollick

    re: LinkedIn Integration

    If I am connected to someone, how do I click through to see their complete profile on LinkedIn? This is possible, isn’t it?

    I see that if I am not connected, there is a link to connect. I have spent 30 minutes clicking around looking for the link. There has got to be a way :)

    Many thanks,