Batchbook and Xero: Integrate Your Social CRM with Your Accounting Software

What separates a customer from the average person you know? Simple, a customer pays you, and you love them for it! Making sure customers pay is an occasional hassle. Managing all of your outstanding invoices, plus the bills you need to pay, plus your business’s budget; that’s enough to make you sweat. But our newest Batchbook integration partner, Xero, helps lighten the load on the accounting side of your business.

What is Xero?

Xero is accounting software in the cloud, made especially for small businesses. With it, you can do your accounting online, from anywhere, even on your phone. Invoicing, paying bills, and even bank reconciliation are all a breeze. You can give your team and your accountant access as well, which makes collaborating simple.

See Open Invoices in Batchbook

With our integration, you can easily import your contacts from Xero into Batchbook. Once you do, you will see open invoices for your customers right in your social CRM. This fills in an important part of the customer story that you keep track of with Batchbook. You will know who you’ve invoiced and how much they still owe you. With one click, you can head over to Xero from your Batchbook contact and see the complete invoice.

Xero Integration with Social CRM Batchbook

Create To-Dos Related to Invoices

Sometimes you need to take action on an invoice, like gently reminding a customer they need to pay you or thanking them when they do. You can add a To-Do for an invoice right from the Xero widget in Batchbook. The To-Do will be tagged ‘Xero’ so you can easily find it (and other invoice related tasks) in your To-Do list.

Your Xero Related To-Dos and Lists on the Dashboard

Besides seeing open invoices for your contacts, you can also use the special dashboard widget to access all of your To-Dos or lists that have the ‘Xero’ tag. We’ve pre-populated a couple of lists for you so that you can see your Xero contacts who you haven’t communicated with in the last 30 days or those who are also your Champions. You can build a new list and add the ‘Xero’ tag to it, and it will appear on the dashboard widget.

Xero integration widget on Batchbook dashboard

Bringing Everything Together

We are pumped about this new Xero integration! Having a complete story for your customers is super important. Imagine being able to track every detail of your customer relationship from first meeting them through to each invoice they pay. Batchbook helps you do that, and helps you share it all with your team.

If you aren’t a Xero user, check out our integration page for some more info. Here is a screencast that explains the integration in depth:

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  • Alyse

    I think I’m in love. I just signed up for Batchbook yesterday, and it’s wonderful. I also integrated my Xero account yesterday, but I haven’t gotten around to using the features yet. Looks really cool though. I really appreciate this service. It is exactly what I need to keep my communications and clients organized.