Batchbook Superhero Contest Winner: Kidoinfo

This is the third in a series of blog posts celebrating National Small Business Week by naming those Batchbook customers who we feel have attained Superhero status because of the unflinching work they do to make the small business universe a better place.

Our Superhero of the day is our longest running Batchbook customer (not counting my own account and my mom’s). Anisa Raoof, founder and Editor-in-Chief of, first learned of Batchbook at our alpha launch in May 2007 at the local Providence Geeks meeting. And she has been helping us build, brainstorm and improve our product ever since.

You may have noticed that we are honoring Superheroes who not only are pursuing a life passion, but who have been successful in building a sustainable business around that passion. It has been a joy watching and benefitting from never ending stream of useful information that Anisa’s Kidoinfo website and events generate. Started in 2007, is an online parents’ guide to Providence, R.I., brimming with information, creative ideas, things to do, places to go and links to local family resources. It is the go-to resource for the Providence kid-friendly scene and now the trusted partner of the local children’s and art museums.

Anisa and her Kidoinfo family have created an exciting community here in Providence dedicated to sharing information and creative ideas for families of all shapes and sizes. Her business has become an invaluable resource for families and is a critical tool for local venues to get the word out about the offerings they have for the Providence community. She works with an army of well versed parents to gather information and share it with the community. The mother of 10 year old twin boys (who produced and directed Batchbook’s one and only commercial film), Anisa has built an amazing business around her family, her community and her love of both.

Superhero: Super Hip Mom
Superpower: Work/life consolidation
Headquarters: Her imagination
Sidekicks: The wonder twins
Motto: Make parenting easier, fun and cool.

About Pamela O'Hara

Pam is CEO of Batchbook, which she co-founded in 2006. As a businesswoman and a mother, Pam is committed to running a company that can adapt to the unique needs of both its employees and its customers to foster better organization, increased productivity, and a more balanced life.