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Making Sales Without Selling Your Soul

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workshopWe’ve spent the past 8 years working with thousands of businesses, helping them understand and organize the process of selling their product or service, from pitch to customer support. While we’ve learned that one size doesn’t fit all, we’ve curated a healthy list of best sales practices that perform well across industries and not-so-best practices that should be avoided.

Come join our Small Business Sales Workshop on Thursday, May 28th, from 1pm – 3pm ET, and work directly with our CEO and other small businesses to create a plan to sell more in a way that makes sense for your industry and feels right to you.

We’re ready to go where the conversation leads, but here’s the agenda that’ll structure the workshop and get things going:

    • Commit to a Sales Plan
    • Build a Sales Process
    • Find Your Leads
    • Pitch a Winner
    • Follow Up Like You Mean It
    • Hand Off the Sale
    • The Importance of Being Friendly

Here’s how you can join us:

All existing Batchbook customers on an annual payment plan get the workshop for FREE. Hooray!  We’ll email a promo code to you soon.

Sign up for a new Batchbook account this month and get the workshop for FREE. We’ll email a promo code after your account is created.

Even if you’re not a Batchbook customer, you can still check out the workshop & come away with a personalized plan for making tons of sales. Get a ticket here.

We’re so excited to offer this opportunity, and we can’t wait to meet you and hash out how you can sell more and feel good doing it!

The 2015 Lady Project Summit, AKA One Heckuva Time

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We dare you to attend a Lady Project event and then try not to be a fan. The group is invaluable for networking, and everyone is genuinely open to sharing resources and lessons learned, which is pure gold for small biz owners & entrepreneurs.

We went to the annual summit again this year. Here are highlights from a few of our favorite speakers and workshops. Be sure to check out the link above for a full list of workshops, panels, keynotes and the rad ladies responsible for delivering the goods.

Improv Warm Up (Time is Precious)

Group activities with strangers make me queasy at best, but the ladies from Boston’s Fine Line Comedy pulled it off with character and ease. In 5 minutes they did two exercises aimed at getting our blood flowing & interacting with your neighbor. The interaction exercise demonstrated that any 2 things (in this case words) can be related, and working together to find a connection between two things is a great way to spark creativity & lose inhibition. I won’t be underestimating the power of 5 minutes again any time soon. Read More

The Lady Project Summit

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You know when you meet a friend-of-a-friend, and you realize you’re about to have a new BFF? It’s such a great feeling, isn’t it? That’s what happened to us here at Batchbook when we got introduced to The Lady Project through a friend at MailChimp. The Lady Project was started in Providence and their mission statement really connected with us – “The Lady Project connects, inspires and showcases awesome women doing amazing things through membership, events and community engagement.” Once we met the co-founder, Sierra Barter, we knew we had to be involved in the organization and their second annual Lady Project Summit here in Providence.

Let’s Get The Party Started

The Summit took place last weekend and we hosted a pre-party at our office where we got to meet some of the attendees before the event. The ladies from Mint set up a pop-up shop filled with vintage treasures which were able to browse while enjoying drinks and appetizers.


At the Summit

The Summit schedule was full of interesting key-note speakers and there were so many workshops to choose from. I thought I’d give you a few  highlights from the sessions our team attended.

Keynote – Tammy Tibbetts – She’s the First

She’s the First sponsors girls’ education in the developing world with the goal of creating first-generation graduates and our next generation of global leaders.

  • Dream Big – Start Small. Tammy shared how her non-profit started with just one YouTube video.
  • Follow your passion and share it with others. Instead of asking people what they do, ask them “What are you passionate about?”
  • Remember where you came from, be authentic. All the steps you took to get where you are today are part of your story and the person you’ve become.

Read More

Human Rights and Small Business

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Each year, there is an event called Blog Action Day. Bloggers are encouraged to take a pause from their regular content to write about a topic that is important to humanity. This year, the topic is one of the most important of all; human rights.

When we learned the topic of discussion for the 2013 Blog Action Day is human rights, we were honestly a bit stumped. Though our own mission statement includes our desire “to create tools that allow passionate small businesses to build better relationships with their community,” we had never thought of it in terms of human rights. When you are going about your own daily life, running your business, paying your employees, it is easy to assume that basic human rights of all those around you are being met. But this isn’t true throughout the world (or even always right at home).

Read More

How to Stay Human in a High Tech World

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I had the pleasure of speaking at the first annual WomanCon event in Manhattan last week. I always love the chance to head into that spectacular city and spend some time meeting with other small business geeky folks. And I especially enjoyed this trip, as it was a group of women entrepreneurs gathering to share different aspects of the grand game that is business building. I was so inspired by the presentations and the conversations I had there. It is a very collaborative and encouraging community, which comes in very handy when you are working to build a successful business.

I thought I would share my speech with all of you, as I think it pertains to a broader audience of entrepreneurs. I talked about how to keep the human side of your business thriving. These are the original notes I wrote for my speech. I don’t believe in “reading speeches”, so the actual talk itself was an ad-libbed version of this. I even got a bit lost in the mid-to-late slides, so a few parts of these notes were skipped completely in the presentation!

Read More

Inspiring Entrepreneurship at WomanCon

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Are you a Batchbook customer? You should know that we love you. Sure, everyone says that, but it’s really true!

Nothing makes the Batchbook team happier than hearing stories about our customers and your successes. Our customer experience folks share the nice things that you say about Batchbook with our whole team. They send out links to customers’ businesses, so we can all see who we’re working with and all the interesting things that people like you are doing.

Occasionally one of us meets a customer In Real Life™ , and it’s a cause for celebration. So when Pamela got invited to share her story at WomanCon, she knew it wouldn’t just be about her but about you too!


story cards


Next Wednesday, when she speaks about her entrepreneurial experience at WomanCon in NYC, she’ll be sprinkling in a few customer stories. We’ve also asked some brilliant women to share a brief paragraph about what inspires them and how they started their journey as entrepreneurs. We had the stories printed on cards so every attendee at WomanCon will get one to be inspired by. Since we know not everyone will make it to NYC next week, I wanted to share the stories here as well.

Alethea Fitzpatrick


When I first became a mom, I fell in love with the process and experience of photographing my new baby. I decided not to return to my career as an architect, but instead started my own photography business, first as a family photographer, and then as a photography coach for parents. I heard from a lot of parents who loved photographing their kids too, but were frustrated with the results, and overwhelmed with what to do with their photos. My passion is to help parents take better photos and more fully experience the precious fleeting moments of their children’s lives through photography. Helping a parent who has been so stuck and frustrated achieve breakthroughs never ceases to amaze and delight me!

Becky McCray

Small Biz Survival

Living in a remote rural area could be called a disadvantage, but I’ve treated it as a strength. Besides my liquor store and my family cattle ranch, I’ve used my small town sense of community to build connections online. Now I speak to international events on rural small business and co-authored an award-winning book, Small Town Rules.

Michelle Ward

When I Grow Up Coach

I help creative women get out of their soul-sucking, energy-draining jobs and into work that feels like play (while still being a grown-up). I’ve done it myself, transitioning out of a Corporate America cubicle (& letting go of my 20 year old dreams of being on Broadway) & into my full-time dream career. I’ve done it for others, coaching ~250 clients personally through their creative career transitions, and hundreds (thousands?) more through my workshops, courses, and workbooks.

Rebecca Rescate

HoodiePillow / CitiKitty / Rebecca Rescate

Its easy to see now, 8 years in, why I started my own business. I have been passionate about the branding and marketing of consumer goods for my lifetime. Start- ing my own business enabled me pursue this passion on my own without waiting for permission, promotion or anymore time to pass. Life is short, go after what you love before another day goes by.

Rosi Amador

Amador Bilingual Voiceovers

I’m a passionate creative solopreneur who recently shifted careers, from singing Latin music with my band for 25 years, to recording voiceovers. As a Latina woman living in the U.S. I always dreamed of using my flawless native Spanish and English, bi-culturalism and love of acting, to serve causes I believe in and to connect with others. I put my spoken voice behind messages that enlighten, motivate and inspire North Americans and Latinos alike. It’s truly a dream come true! I get to be home to parent our twin teenage daughters before they go to college and I am truly grateful despite the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Susana Fonticoba

I began my business as a computer tutor in 2004 with no knowledge of how to run a business whatsoever. Through the years, relying on the wealth of support from my peers in the NJ Association of Women Business Owners, I’ve been able to survive economic challenges and thrive by keeping my business model nimble. Today I mostly concentrate on providing Online Marketing services to clients although I still help them on-board with many of today’s tech tools. I believe you have to listen to what your target market is asking for – with their purchasing dollars – and be ready to augment your services to provide it.


It’s all about you…

We’d love to add your story to our blog. If you’d like to contribute, let us know. The content for WomanCon is female specific, but we’re equal opportunity story tellers here and we’d like to hear from everyone. You can also read some of our stories, if you’d like.

Interested in attending WomanCon? Who wouldn’t be? We have a discount code you can use for $50 off registration: BATCHBOOK50. Please say “hello” to Pamela if you go. The Batchbook team will be waiting to hear all about it!







Your CRM Holds The Secret to Event Success

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Wondering how to get more of the right people to attend an event you are hosting? Start by mining your contact data. Find people that share similar interests and market the event directly to them. Whether you are hosting a fundraiser, sales demo, concert, food tasting or whatever, inviting the right people can mean the difference between a full house and looking around at empty seats.

And after the event, doing the right follow up in a timely fashion can help you book more sales or get more repeat attendance. Your CRM can help you find the right people to invite and to nurture strong relationships with them long after the curtain comes down on your event.

We will be joining Eventbrite this Wednesday for a free webinar which will show you how to be more successful with your next event.




Batchbook and Eventbrite will present a free webinar on collecting and managing your data around events.  Taking place on May 28th at 11AM PT / 2PM ET, this free webinar will present clear strategies and tactics around how to use data to supercharge sales for your next event.

In this webinar, we’ll give answers to these data questions:

  • What information should I be collecting?
  • How should I store my data?
  • What is the most effective way to use my data to drive sales?

Register here.

Tips for Sales Emails

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Recently we teamed up with Chris Wolfel from Yesware for a webinar on how to sell via email. More and more, sales are taking place via email. This webinar provides actionable tips on how you can improve your sales emails.

Get These Sales Emails Tips:

  • Recognize the stage of awareness your lead is in so you can send just the right email
  • Find out what the most important part of any sales email is
  • See how you can structure your emails so they get read and responded to
  • Learn how to speak to your prospects more personally
  • Discover the right time to send a sales email


You can watch the whole webinar for free below. Just make sure you get your notepad (or iPad) ready to takes notes, because this webinar is packed full of actionable advice!

Sell Like a Pro with Email

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**Update: Watch a recording of this webinar

Are you using email effectively to close more sales for your small business? With over 140 billion emails being sent every day, you need to make sure yours stand out.

Just winging every email is not the way. In a recent post titled How to Close More Deals with Lean Email, Chris Wolfel from Yesware suggests that you should build your emails with purpose and test to make sure they are working.

Join Us This Wednesday


Learn How to Sell Via Email - Webinar July 24th, 3pm EDT

Chris will be joining us this Wednesday, July 24th, at 3pm EDT for our next free webinar, where he will be sharing some useful tips on email selling, including:

  • What stages to send an email and what types of emails to send
  • How to get your sales emails opened and read
  • When you should be sending emails


Find out how you can sell more effectively via email and how you can streamline the process so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every lead.

We will also be doing a brief demo of how Yesware and Batchbook work together, so you can move easily from sales conversation to customer relationship building.

Yesware is a tool that sits right inside Gmail and helps you manage your sales emails. Easily create and use templates, track your pipeline, and save important emails to Batchbook with Yesware’s handy CRM button.

Get registered!

Meet Three Small Business Superheroes!

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We spent June 17-21, National Small Business Week, searching for some Superheroes. Our 6th annual Small Business Superhero contest has come to a close and we had so many wonderful entries that it wasn’t easy for the Batchbook staff to come up with just three winners. As always, the competition was fierce and we all had our favorites. I’d like to introduce our three winners to you!

Winner of The Business Package – Stephanie Magee, Coastal Dog Apparel

Coastal Dog logo blue copy 2


Stephanie’s Superpower is “Superhuman Vision: You have the vision to see your future success! ”

In answer to the question, “How does your superpower help you run your business?”, Stephanie said:

“Coastal Dog Apparel- Anti Chafe Swimwear for boys & men features a unique design focusing on comfort, durability, and, of course, preventing chafing. Not only is Coastal Dog Made In The USA, but 100% of our profits are donated to charity. From the start of Coastal Dog last year, my vision has always been, not only to help boys and men enjoy their time at the beach & pool, but through the success of the company we will help children in need by donating 100% of profits to charity. This vision has been on my mind since I started the company and it is what keeps me motivated each and every day:)”

Woot! Dogs, kids & charity! We really love what Stephanie is doing.

Winner of the  The Marketing Package – Anthony McAlister, McAlister Arts

McAlister Arts logo FINAL color (small)


What’s Anthony’s Superpower, you ask? “Omnipresence: You are always there to save the day!”

How does that help him run McAlister Arts?

“My business is artist management (talent management for classical musicians). My clients are my ‘customers’ and are therefore my primary concern. When a talented artist takes on a manager he/she is putting an extraordinary degree of trust in that individual, trust that they will represent their interests well, with enthusiasm, energy, and creativity. Classical musicians, like many artists, are often at a loss as to how to further their own careers and how to manage all of the promotional, administrative, marketing, and technological demands that entails. My job is to be there for my clients, to be 100% committed to their careers and the art they produce but also to give 100% of my physical and intellectual energy to serve them. I am everywhere in the sense that I am always available to my clients, by phone, email, or in person, but also in the sense that I am always thinking about them and about new, more effective ways of promoting them and increasing their profiles in the world of classical music. I’m not a superhero. I just really love what I do and the people for whom I do it!”

We just can’t resist folks who love their customers and love what they do!

Winner of The Tech Package – Shannon Jones Janeczek, PublishSavvy


Shannon’s Superpower is “Duplication: You get so much done, it’s like there are two of you!”

Shannon said, “There are days I certainly wish there were two of me… between a full-time job, 2 part-time jobs, taking care of 2 preschoolers, a dog, and a husband who hates both laundry and grocery shopping, I definitely have to squeeze in any little tasks I can, whenever I can.”

The kids, the dog, the laundry! We hear you Shannon, it’s hard to do it all.

We couldn’t have run this contest without the help of our friends from 99 designs, BoostSuite, Cazoomi,, edocr, Emma, Formstack, Freshbooks, Grasshopper, Google Gooru, Janrain, MOO, Olark
RightSignature, ScreenSteps Live, Shoeboxed and Silver Lining Limited. Thanks to everyone who entered. It’s never easy to pick the winners because we think all small business owners are Superheroes!