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The Lady Project Summit

You know when you meet a friend-of-a-friend, and you realize you’re about to have a new BFF? It’s such a great feeling, isn’t it? That’s what happened to us here at Batchbook when we got introduced to The Lady Project through a friend at MailChimp. The Lady Project was started in Providence and their mission [...]

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Human Rights and Small Business

Each year, there is an event called Blog Action Day. Bloggers are encouraged to take a pause from their regular content to write about a topic that is important to humanity. This year, the topic is one of the most important of all; human rights. When we learned the topic of discussion for the 2013 [...]

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How to Stay Human in a High Tech World

I had the pleasure of speaking at the first annual WomanCon event in Manhattan last week. I always love the chance to head into that spectacular city and spend some time meeting with other small business geeky folks. And I especially enjoyed this trip, as it was a group of women entrepreneurs gathering to share [...]

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Inspiring Entrepreneurship at WomanCon

Are you a Batchbook customer? You should know that we love you. Sure, everyone says that, but it’s really true! Nothing makes the Batchbook team happier than hearing stories about our customers and your successes. Our customer experience folks share the nice things that you say about Batchbook with our whole team. They send out [...]

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Your CRM Holds The Secret to Event Success

Wondering how to get more of the right people to attend an event you are hosting? Start by mining your contact data. Find people that share similar interests and market the event directly to them. Whether you are hosting a fundraiser, sales demo, concert, food tasting or whatever, inviting the right people can mean the [...]

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Tips for Sales Emails

Recently we teamed up with Chris Wolfel from Yesware for a webinar on how to sell via email. More and more, sales are taking place via email. This webinar provides actionable tips on how you can improve your sales emails. Get These Sales Emails Tips: Recognize the stage of awareness your lead is in so you [...]

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Sell Like a Pro with Email

**Update: Watch a recording of this webinar Are you using email effectively to close more sales for your small business? With over 140 billion emails being sent every day, you need to make sure yours stand out. Just winging every email is not the way. In a recent post titled How to Close More Deals [...]

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Meet Three Small Business Superheroes!

We spent June 17-21, National Small Business Week, searching for some Superheroes. Our 6th annual Small Business Superhero contest has come to a close and we had so many wonderful entries that it wasn’t easy for the Batchbook staff to come up with just three winners. As always, the competition was fierce and we all [...]

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Building a Community of Customers with Batchbook’s Disqus Integration

If you haven’t had time to dig in to our Disqus integration, you are missing out on a really useful way to connect with your customers. We have a 30 minute webinar scheduled on Wednesday, 6/26 at 1:00pm EDT to quickly bring you up to speed on how and why this integration can help you [...]

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Calling All Small Business Superheroes

We think that every single person who runs a small business is a superhero. At times, it seems like you are carrying the world on your shoulders and you probably can’t count how often a quick decision on your part saved the day! To celebrate you, we are hosting our 6th Annual Small Business Superhero [...]

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