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Quote Roller Integration Makes Sending Proposals From Batchbook a Breeze

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Now it’s easier then ever to propose to your conta… no, wait, to send job proposals to your contacts.

Quote Roller is a tool that helps you create beautiful proposals and send them directly to your clients. They’ve just announced a CRM integration with Batchbook. This integration syncs your Batchbook contacts with Quote Roller.

Ready to send a proposal? Choose any of your Batchbook contacts without leaving Quote Roller. Now there is no need to spend time copying and pasting contact details in.

You can learn more about Quote Roller’s CRM integration with Batchbook over on their site.

Preview of a Quote Roller ProposalExample of a beautiful Quote Roller proposal.

Keep Your ActiveCampaign Contacts Fresh with the Batchbook Integration

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The fine folks over at ActiveCampaign have just rolled out an update to the Batchbook-ActiveCampaign integration that will help you keep all of your email lists current.

With this update, you can now choose to auto-sync Batchbook contacts over to ActiveCampaign. This means if you change any information on your contact in Batchbook, that info will automatically sync over to ActiveCampaign.

This is especially handy because it lets you take full advantage of ActiveCampaign’s intuitive segmenting tools. Let’s say you send out emails based on geographic region. If you have a contact who moves, you can just enter the new address info once in Batchbook and your email list will automatically be updated as well. That way, you won’t be left sending “Sunny Florida!” emails to someone who has moved up to the frigid north in the middle of winter.

How it Works

Here is a video from ActiveCampaign that shows you how simple this integration is:

Batchbook integration from ActiveCampaign on Vimeo.

Cool Features of the ActiveCampaign CRM Integration with Batchbook

  • Auto-sync contacts from Batchbook to keep them fresh in ActiveCampaign
  • Import all of your important contact info, including custom fields
  • Use your Batchbook info to build better email segments
  • Use your Batchbook details to personalize your email content
  • Use info like Batchbook tags to create conditional content for your emails
  • Use your Batchbook data to trigger automated sales or marketing emails


Learn more about ActiveCampaign and their CRM integration with Batchbook.

Join us for a Free Webinar

We will be joining up with ActiveCampaign for a free webinar on October 2nd titled “How to Use Automatic Emails for a Personal Touch.”

Marketing automation isn’t just for the big guys. With a little forethought and the right toolset, you can create highly relevant, highly personal emails that will go out at just the right time.

Join us as we discuss how to unlock the potential of automatic emails for your small business. You’ll come away with some tips to help you get going and some deeper insights into how the right use of technology can help you maintain a high level of personal touch.

Register early (don’t worry, we’ll remind you).

Connect Batchbook and FreshBooks

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FreshBooks integrates with Batchbook

We have a new FreshBooks integration for Batchbook that will help you keep your contacts up to date between your CRM and accounting software. FreshBooks was one of the more popular integrations in Batchbook Classic, so we are super pumped to announce it for the new Batchbook!

We’ve teamed up with Zapier to bring you this new integration. This means you can customize the integration to your needs. You can:

  • Create a new client in FreshBooks for every new contact you add in Batchbook
  • Create a new contact in Batchbook for every new client you add in FreshBooks
  • Create a new contact in Batchbook for every new invoice you add in FreshBooks
  • Use filters to create contacts only when certain criteria are met, like invoice amount over a certain number


Zapier integrations are really easy to set up, so all it takes is you deciding which way you want to send your contacts. Do you want every new Batchbook contact added to FreshBooks so you can have the correct data already there when you are ready to invoice? Or do you prefer to add contacts to Batchbook after you add them to your FreshBooks contacts list? It’s up to you.

All you need for this integration is a Batchbook and FreshBooks account and a free Zapier account. If you sign up through Batchbook, you will get 5 free integrations as well as 200 tasks per month. You can learn more about the nifty new integration and set up your Zapier account here.


Import Your Commenters to Your CRM with our Disqus Integration

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Disqus is the leading discussion software on the web. If you have a blog or a website where you take comments, Disqus can help you manage all the discussions that take place. And now, by integrating Disqus with your small business CRM, you can stay engaged with the people behind the conversations. Our Disqus integration makes it possible.

Disqus integration with CRM Batchbook

Get to Know Your Commenters

It’s great when you get a comment on your site. It means someone is paying attention and wants to engage with you. But what do you know about that commenter? And what follow up do you want to make, other than commenting back?

By bringing commenters to your CRM, you can match them up with other information you know about them and you can plan the next steps of the relationship.

See Disqus comments with other Batchbook data

Import Disqus Users to Build Context

Our Disqus integration includes easy import so you can add Disqus users who leave comments on your site right to Batchbook. We offer filters so you can bring in just your top commenters, which you can set to be the most active Disqus users or the most liked across the entire Disqus universe.

Once you have them in Batchbook, you can build out their profile a little more. You can save their comments on your site as communications or assign To-Dos to the rest of the team for more in depth follow up. You may also have some contact info already in Batchbook. If so, you can merge the records together for one complete contact history.

See Recent Comments Inside Your CRM

When you import a Disqus user from your blog, you will get a special widget which will always show their 5 most recent comments on any Disqus forum. This can give you a lot of context about your contact, and provide ideas for how to reach out. You can also get a sense of what other blogs your customers are reading and check them out for yourself. Perhaps there are advertising or guest posting opportunities that you can pursue.

Of course, you can turn any of the recent comments into To-Dos or communications. We are all about helping you take action and organizing your conversation histories (no matter where those conversations take place). Think about it, you can now get your emails back and forth with a contact, notes from meetings and phone calls, saved tweets or Facebook posts via HootSuite, and blog comments via the Disqus integration all in one conversation stream!

See Disqus comments in your CRM communication history

The Disqus Integration Helps You Build Community

As a CRM for small business, Batchbook is all about helping you cut through the noise and focus on your most important contacts. Our integration with Disqus is a great example of this. You can use it to discover influential contacts, those who are well liked or very active as commenters on blogs. These are good contacts to build relationships with. They can be the cornerstones of a strong social community for your business.

With this integration, you can not only engage with those people who leave a comment, you can see other information as well, like if they are active on Twitter or if they are current customers. You can get a fuller picture and build a long lasting relationship with the contacts who want to engage with you!

Find out more about the integration. You can add the integration to your Batchbook account by logging in, clicking your name at the top left, and then choosing Integrations.






Bedrock Integration Connects Sales and Marketing Apps with Batchbook

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Bedrock Data has announced a new integration with Batchbook. This integration will let you integrate Batchbook with all of Bedrock’s other connected apps, including Hubspot, Constant Contact, and GoToWebinar.


“Bedrock Data’s platform provides small and medium businesses simple, easy to use data integrations. Marketers, IT professionals and business owners can now connect their business applications without writing any code using this software-as-a-service.”

Bedrock acts as a connector between two (or more) apps. Once a connection is set up, Bedrock syncs over new data AND any changes to current data. This way, all of your contact data can be kept current in several pieces of software at once!

Learn more about Bedrock Data’s integration with Batchbook.

Current Batchbook users can get a discount on the monthly subscription fee. Just type in the code “batchbookbedrock” when signing up for a Bedrock Data account to get 10% off!

Our New HootSuite App Helps Your Business Make Social Connections

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Hootsuite Logo

With our new HootSuite app, you can loop your social conversations into the complete customer history you have in Batchbook. Social connections and conversations often live in their own little world, somewhat disconnected from your other relationship management efforts.

We set out to solve that problem, making it easy for you to stay focused and informed about your relationships, no matter where you are having a conversation with your customers.

The Social Connection

If you are like a lot of small businesses, you are getting more active on social networks. HootSuite is a social media management system that helps you keep track of various networks in one place. You can share access to networks like Twitter and Facebook with your whole team and work together to answer social questions and to share your content with your audience.

While you are talking with people on social networks, it is helpful to get some background information about them. You want to be able to connect the dots, so to speak, so you can remember how you know someone and what you have talked about in the past. You’ll want to know if someone is a customer, a lead, or just a fan. Now you can get all of this information by using Batchbook and HootSuite together!

What You Can Do With the App

Our HootSuite app helps you get more personal with your social contacts and do better follow up as a team.

  • See your relationship history with someone by looking at your Batchbook contact details right in HootSuite
  • Do better follow up by viewing the back story for your contact, including open tasks and past communications
  • Save social posts and contact details to Batchbook from HootSuite, making it easy for the rest of the team to have access to social conversations
  • Take note of your most engaged social contacts and mark them as Champions in Batchbook

Here’s a short video that explains everything:

Getting Started

Our HootSuite app is free and will work with any Batchbook account. Visit the HootSuite app directory to get started.

If you are new to Batchbook, we are a social CRM with plans suited to small business, with unlimited users at any account level so your whole team can work together to build better customer relationships. View our tour here.

Batchbook and Xero: Integrate Your Social CRM with Your Accounting Software

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What separates a customer from the average person you know? Simple, a customer pays you, and you love them for it! Making sure customers pay is an occasional hassle. Managing all of your outstanding invoices, plus the bills you need to pay, plus your business’s budget; that’s enough to make you sweat. But our newest Batchbook integration partner, Xero, helps lighten the load on the accounting side of your business.

What is Xero?

Xero is accounting software in the cloud, made especially for small businesses. With it, you can do your accounting online, from anywhere, even on your phone. Invoicing, paying bills, and even bank reconciliation are all a breeze. You can give your team and your accountant access as well, which makes collaborating simple.

See Open Invoices in Batchbook

With our integration, you can easily import your contacts from Xero into Batchbook. Once you do, you will see open invoices for your customers right in your social CRM. This fills in an important part of the customer story that you keep track of with Batchbook. You will know who you’ve invoiced and how much they still owe you. With one click, you can head over to Xero from your Batchbook contact and see the complete invoice.

Xero Integration with Social CRM Batchbook

Create To-Dos Related to Invoices

Sometimes you need to take action on an invoice, like gently reminding a customer they need to pay you or thanking them when they do. You can add a To-Do for an invoice right from the Xero widget in Batchbook. The To-Do will be tagged ‘Xero’ so you can easily find it (and other invoice related tasks) in your To-Do list.

Your Xero Related To-Dos and Lists on the Dashboard

Besides seeing open invoices for your contacts, you can also use the special dashboard widget to access all of your To-Dos or lists that have the ‘Xero’ tag. We’ve pre-populated a couple of lists for you so that you can see your Xero contacts who you haven’t communicated with in the last 30 days or those who are also your Champions. You can build a new list and add the ‘Xero’ tag to it, and it will appear on the dashboard widget.

Xero integration widget on Batchbook dashboard

Bringing Everything Together

We are pumped about this new Xero integration! Having a complete story for your customers is super important. Imagine being able to track every detail of your customer relationship from first meeting them through to each invoice they pay. Batchbook helps you do that, and helps you share it all with your team.

If you aren’t a Xero user, check out our integration page for some more info. Here is a screencast that explains the integration in depth:

OneSaas Integration: A World of Possibilities

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Onesaas integration with BatchbookOne of the perks of using cloud software like our social CRM is the ability to integrate with other pieces of software that you use.

We are focused on building out a lot of great direct integrations with companies you love, and we have many partners that are building integrations with us. But, of course, it is impossible to build integrations with every piece of software. This is where the OneSaas integration comes in.

OneSaas is basically an integration hub for a lot of useful small business software tools. You can use that hub to set up integrations with your most used small business software. OneSaas automates integration with a ton of great tools.

The OneSaas Integration

The OneSaas integration allows you to send and receive contact information. In other words, when you create a new contact in Batchbook, you can send the contact details to another piece of software. Or when you create a new contact in another software, you can automatically sync the contact details over to Batchbook. It basically helps you keep all of your contact information current in the tools you use.

You can also limit which contacts you send or receive with OneSaas filters. For example, create a “sync” tag in Batchbook and use it as a filter, and those are the only contacts that will be pushed out.

Set up a Onesaas integration between Batchbook and your favorite online tools.

Some Ideas


You can mix and match your integrations with OneSaas from a wide variety of options. Here are some ideas:

Invoicing:  When you are ready to create an invoice, give your Batchbook contact an “invoice” tag to send it to Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Xero* or any of the other accounting and invoicing services available.

Contact Syncing: Keep your Google Contacts in sync with Batchbook, or push your Shoeboxed contacts directly to your customer database.

Ecommerce: Send your contacts from BigCommerce, Ebay, Shopify or any of more than a dozen ecommerce solutions into Batchbook.

Email Marketing: Send and receive contacts from MailChimp*, ActiveCampaign* or other popular email newsletter services.

Events: When someone signs up for your event via Eventbrite, bring their contact info right into your social CRM for follow up!

Project Management: Send new contacts from Basecamp and other project management tools.

Phone: Send and receive contacts from Ringio so you’ll have the latest info when you get a call.

*Note: We have direct integrations with Xero, MailChimp, and ActiveCampaign, so be sure to check those out!



Get Those Holiday Cards Out This Year

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If sending out holiday cards to your customers is on your to do list for this year, we have some great news for you! We’ve teamed up with Direct Mail Manager to making sending cards this year a breeze!

Getting Your Cards Mailed

There are two parts to any holiday mailing. First, you need an organized list of contacts with mailing addresses. Hopefully you are already organizing your contacts in Batchbook. But even if not, you can quickly import your contacts to build yourself a useful and organized customer database. Once you have your contacts organized in Batchbook, you can build a list of customers you want to send cards to. We suggest using the Champion button to have everyone mark their favorite customers, and then to mail holiday cards to those folks.

The second thing you need to do is pick out some cards and mail them. Our friends at Direct Mail Manager have a brand new tool that makes this simple and affordable. You can choose from any of their pre-designed cards or upload your own image. They even have designs where you can upload a company photo, which is great for a personal touch. The best part is that you can send cards with a custom message for just $1.39 per card mailed!

With their Batchbook integration, it is easy to import your list of contacts from your super organized Batchbook customer database into Direct Mail Manager’s holiday card tool. Because there are no minimums, you can even send out a few different cards or write different messages to different groups of people.

Tap Your Customer Database

You don’t have to send cards to every single one of your contacts. Instead, use Batchbook to build a list of which people you want to send some holiday cheer to. Here are a few ways you can build your list:

Mail Your Champions – If you use the Champion feature, you already have a list of your favorite customers. Just do an advanced search for all Champions and then use a batch action to tag them. You can then pull just these tagged contacts into Direct Mail Manager.

Have Each Rep Send a Personal Card – One nice personal touch would be to have your reps mail cards to their customers with a personal holiday message. You can do this easily by doing an advanced search by record creator, and then using batch actions to tag all of the contacts. Of course, you might want to get more specific for your mailing, building a list of all Champions a certain rep has, for instance.

Use Your Custom Fields – If you use Custom Field Sets to store contact details, they can help you narrow down some pretty specific lists for mailing. For instance, if you keep track of each purchase in a Custom Field Set, you can create a holiday mailing list for all customers who made a purchase in the last year. Use advanced search to find contacts that match what you are looking for, then tag them all using a batch action.

Win 100 Free Cards and 3 Months of Batchbook

Since the holiday season is the time of giving, we’ve decided to team up with Direct Mail Manager for a holiday give-a-way. We will award one lucky winner with 100 free cards to send (includes mailing costs) as well as 3 months free on a new Batchbook account. The contest is taking place on Facebook. All you need to do is fill out a one-question poll and then submit your name and email (so we can notify you if you win).

Head on over to Facebook now for a chance to win. The contest winner will be chosen on December 3rd.



ActiveCampaign Integration with Batchbook Updated

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Active Campaign email marketing
As you may know, ActiveCampaign’s email marketing product has had an integration with Batchbook for some time. That integration now works with both the old and new versions of Batchbook! The folks at ActiveCampaign focus on customer support and we are really happy that they felt it was important to support both versions of Batchbook.

The integration is super easy to set up and allows you to import a list from Batchbook into ActiveCampaign. That’s where the fun begins! ActiveCampaign has powerful in-app segmenting tools that help you further refine the list for your email marketing campaign by a number of criteria including gender, income, geographical area and more. This makes it easy to send smarter campaigns that are targeted specifically toward the right customers.

If you haven’t tried ActiveCampaign yet, they offer a free 30 day, 250 subscriber trial so you can see all of their features in action.

Check out this post from ActiveCampaign which goes into more detail on how to set up and use the integration.