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SXSW 2012, Its a Wrap

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Annnnd we’re back! Pamela and I have returned from our whirlwind tour of SXSW and I thought I’d share some highlights with you. We kicked off the weekend with Pamela’s panel, “How Startups do Deals with Industry Titans”. There was standing room only at this panel with Alex Barnett from Intuit, Jay Lee from Amex, Scott McMullan from Google and Sunir Shah from Olark. It was a very interesting conversation about startups doing deals and partnerships with giant corporations, and the benefits and drawbacks of those deals. Our friend Ramon Ray did a great recap of the conversation that you can read on the SmallBiz Technology Blog. I had the awesome opportunity of being on the “5 Brands Travel the…

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Dancing with Giants: Our SXSW Panel

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I’m crazy about new businesses. The passion, the excitement, the discovery involved in starting something new, figuring out what works, pursuing a passion. I’m known in the office for exuberant introductions to a favorite new customer. I carry pictures in my briefcase of my favorite old customers. Starting a new business is hard as hell (I have first hand experience), but it is a special breed of person who can weather that perfect storm. And those are the people I want to spend my professional life with. So why, you might ask, would someone this loopey for the little guys hang out with the corporate suits? Do I want to get bought? Do I want to get financed? Do I…

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RETech South Recap

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Last week’s trip to Atlanta was a whirlwind of Realtors, Batchbook customers and monkeys (more on that later!). Pamela and I were there to attend the 4th annual ReTech South conference, where Pamela was presenting on panel with some other Small Business Web friends. The thing that struck me the most about the conference was the great enthusiasm and energy from both attendees and presenters. Pamela and I attended a different real estate conference a few years ago, and I was amazed at how far the industry has come in terms of its adoption of  technology in general and social media specifically. Most of the sessions were standing-room only, as panelists discussed ways to use blogs to attract leads, using…

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We’re Heading South: RETech South, Atlanta March 30th – April 1st

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BatchBlue is on the road again, this time heading to Atlanta to attend the Real Estate & Technology Conference & Expo (RETech South). Pamela will be speaking on a panel about The Small Business Web and using cloud services with MailChimp, Expensify and IfByPhone. I’ll be there, too, armed with lots of stickers, shirts and stories and talking to folks about how they’re using Batchbook to manage their real estate contacts. If there was ever a well-connected group of folks, it’s Realtors! And judging from photos of past conferences, they’re fun, too. We like that. We can’t wait to meet some Realtors doing cool things with technology in the real estate industry. We’ve even re-vamped our Batchbook for Real Estate…

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SXSW Recap: Photo Booths, Boots, Business Benefits and a Cowboy

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We’re back from the great state of Texas and slowly recovering from our SXSW experience. This was my fourth time to the event I’m amazed every year at how much bigger and more intense it seems: the city of Austin literally vibrates with energy 24×7, making it hard for old ladies like me to get their beauty rest. This year, TJ Sondermann (our business development manager) and Christelle Lachapelle (marketing designer) made the trip to Texas with me. Because this was their first time attending, I asked them to share their impressions as folks who’ve never been to SXSW before. Here’s what they had to say: Christelle’s thoughts 1. What did you get most out of your SXSW experience? It…

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More from SXSW: Party Pictures & Upcoming Panel

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Hi guys – just a quick update to say thanks to all who came to the Big Party for Small Business! We had a lot of fun and hope the folks who came did, too. A special thanks to Guy Kawasaki and Gary Vaynerchuk who took time out of their insanely busy schedules to come by, do a little bowling, and be good sports about getting their pictures taken a million times. Thanks, too, to our Small Business Web sponsors American Express OPEN and to Laura Thomas from Dell for providing some great last minute additions to our giveaway bags in the form of their hot new ruby red laptops, the Vostro V130. It’s great to see how much support…

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Live from SXSW: Big party for Small Biz, Appsumo Software for Start-Ups

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This blog post is coming to you live from Austin, where my need for coffee is seriously battling my good intentions of hitting the hotel gym before we start our busy day. Who shall emerge the victor?! Christelle, TJ and I are arrived in Austin last night and are looking forward to our first day of events and activities. First, we’re pleased to be a part of AppSumo’s Lean Start-Up bundle for SXSW, which includes a huge array of useful software for folks looking to build a business on a shoestring. We’re all about keeping costs low for small business owners, so we think this deal is an amazing one and gives you access to some really cool apps. The bundle is…

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BatchBlue Upcoming Conferences, Tweet-ups and a Hoedown or Two

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It’s February and once again our spring dance card is filling up with various events. The biggie for us is of course SXSW Interactive, and we’ve been busy planning parties, coming up with content for our panel on integrations, and of course, designing fun Texas-shaped stickers. We find SXSW to be one of the very best events for networking with other like-minded geeky/techie/nerdy yet still very attractive folks, so if these are your people, I’d recommend making the trip. Just make sure you bring a pair of comfortable shoes: you’ll be go go going for five days straight. For those of you going for the first time, there’s a lot of great additional advice on what to expect while you’re there here, here and below…

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Sign It, Snap It, Vote It, Refer It: Batchbook Partners Let You Do It All

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The best part of my job is when I get an email from a company letting me know that they’ve integrated their product with Batchbook. We love having new partners, especially since each new partner we integrate with means added value for all of our customers. In the last couple of months, we’ve had several new products integrate their services with Batchbook that we’d like to introduce to you: RightSignature You know how you get that email from the person at that place and they ask you print it out, sign it and fax it back? Quaint, right? This happened to me the other day. First I had to find our fax machine, dust it off, have one of our…

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Partner news: Changes to Flowtown API

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We learned recently from our partner Flowtown that they have decided to change their API policy to no longer allow the social media discovery searches that some of our customers are using to power the “search social media” button in BatchBook. According to their blog post, starting January 1, 2011 this search will no longer be available to BatchBook customers who have set up an integration with Flowtown. This does not affect most BatchBook accounts, as we do have a lighter version of the search built in to every BatchBook account. This only affects those customers who had a separate Flowtown account and had set up their integration with BatchBook. We are working with other vendors to continue to increase…

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