Champion Profile: Profound Cloud

If you are looking for help with IT, check out Profound Cloud. They’ve built their business on the idea that IT service should be friendly and upbeat. Originally called Help With a Smile, the company just changed their name to better reflect their growing list of services.
We asked Profound Cloud’s president, Michael Spadaro, to answer a few questions about his business.

What does Profound Cloud do?

As a provider of Managed IT services, we function as a soup-to-nuts IT department for our client base of growing businesses. We focus on helping companies achieve greater mobility, agility, and efficiency in their IT by taking advantage of today’s cloud technologies and a first-class strategic and support staff.

How do you build relationships with your customers?

We’ve always been driven to provide an awesome help desk experience for our customers. As anybody who has ever worked in tech support knows, creating positive interactions during support calls is no easy task given the state of frustration that most of us are in when technology isn’t behaving.  It requires a skill which you really can’t teach, so hiring folks that are naturally patient, friendly, and nurturing has been key to creating the experience we call “people-first IT”.  We tell candidates- if you can’t live up to that promise, Profound Cloud is not the place for you, no matter how brilliant your technical skills may be.

What is the best small business advice you have ever received?

“Figure out what it is that your business does best, and who your ideal customers are.  Do that- for more of those people- and turn down everything that doesn’t fit the picture.” That was a pretty tough thing for me to do. It takes plenty of guts to stick to your vision- but the glory is in leading a more focused and profitable business with happier customers and employees.

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