Formstack to BatchBook via WebFormGlue

The fine folks over at Xioup who have wowed us in the past with their own custom development for BatchBook Web Forms have been brewing a new project for a while that we’re happy to help them announce today.

Formstack & BatchBookWebFormGlue is a new service that allows you to connect your web forms with various SaaS products. We’re psyched that they have decided to launch with their initial integration point featuring our very own BatchBook and our other fine friends over at Formstack.

They’ve got all the details and some sample forms you can fill out to give feedback and apply for alpha testing.

We’re excited to see the great things that people are building using our API.

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  • Kurt Milam

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the plug. We’ve been working hard the past few weeks to extend the capabilities of WebFormGlue, and I thought I’d leave a little update here.

    The first version of WebFormGlue was pretty simple, only allowing submitted data to be inserted into one application.

    We’re now able to handle much more complicated interactions, and already have several of these up and running.

    Example: FoxyCart XML DataFeed -> BatchBook
    1. Our customer’s FoxyCart store sends data about each completed transaction to WebFormGlue.
    2. WebFormGlue checks our customer’s BatchBook account to see if there’s already a contact that matches the purchaser’s data.
    – If there is already a contact, we update it based on the FoxyCart data
    – If there’s not already a contact, we create a new one based on the FoxyCart data
    3. We create a new BatchBook Deal containing the transaction details and attach that deal to the correct contact

    All of this happens automatically and instantly, no work on our customer’s part required.

    That’s just one example of what we’re already doing with WebFormGlue, and the possibilities are pretty much limitless.

    We’re looking for new integration ideas, so I encourage anyone reading this who has such an idea to contact us with the details at the email address listed on the BatchBook Experts page.

    Kurt Milam
    BatchBook Expert