Free Webinar: Learn How to Build Strong Customer Relationships with Social Media

Free Webinar: Batchbook and HootSuite

We are teaming up with HootSuite to show you how you can use Batchbook and HootSuite together to build stronger social relationships.

Social media can help you build long lasting relationships with your best customers.

Listen in as we share valuable tips on how to manage the different stages of the customer relationship using social tools.

We’ll be doing a quick demo of how our Batchbook app works in HootSuite, giving you greater context during your social conversations and helping you bring social media under the same roof as all of your other customer communications.

You will also learn about 3 key stages of customer relationships and how to use social to not only find new customers, but to nurture them and keep them happy for years to come.

Plus, you’ll get to see how other people are using social tools to grow their business and maintain healthy customer relationships.

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On the Webinar:


Pamela-150px-SquarePamela O’Hara
CEO of Batchbook

Pamela will demo the Batchbook app and lead the conversation about how to build long lasting relationships with your social contacts.


markholdersquareMark Holder
Director of Integration Partners at HootSuite
Mark will demo HootSuite and be on hand to answer HootSuite related questions.


RebeccaRescateRebecca Rescate
Founder, CitiKitty | Co-Founder, HoodiePillow
Rebecca, a two-time veteran of Shark Tank and inventor of the CitiKitty toilet training system for cats, will answer questions about how she uses social media to grow her business.


stewartmarshallStewart Marshall
Financial Storyteller
Stewart, a financial guru and storyteller who also mentors college students about startups, will talk about nurturing relationships with investors through social media.


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