Integration with Direct Mail Manager Helps You Send Postcards via Batchbook

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Batchbook is a typical cloud software company, in that we do almost everything online these days. However, from time to time, we like to reach out and touch our customers in a more physical way. While we would love to hug every one of you, that’s not very practical. Instead, we use the good old United States Post Office to send occasional thank you notes and care packages.

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Getting something in the mail can be fun. Especially if there is sugar involved. But even sending physical postcards can provide a tactile connection between your increasingly virtual business and your time-strapped customers. They may miss that Tweet or bury that email, but if you really need to get their attention, chances are good that sending them something in the mail will do the trick.

If you need to get their attention, sending them something in the mail will do the trick

Send Real Mail

Needless to say, we are big fans of useful mail. So we are excited to announce our newest integration partner, Direct Mail Manager. This is an extremely handy tool that will help you do more with mail than you ever thought possible.

With Direct Mail Manager, your small business can send postcards to any relevant list of contacts. They help with everything from the design of the mailing, to sending and tracking the success of your campaign. You know all of the cool tracking things you can do with your email newsletters? Well, it turns out you can do a lot of that with real mail, too! Take advantage of features like A/B testing, mail tracking, and mobile marketing pages. You can learn all about it from their features page.

The integration is set up right from your Direct Mail Manager account. With it, you can choose any list to import. This is where it gets really fun, because as you know, you can create very custom and focused lists in Batchbook. Since Direct Mail Manager allows you to send as little as 1 postcard at a time, we encourage you to really get creative with your lists. We will share a few ideas on the kinds of lists you may want to create later in the week (so stay tuned!).

Live Webinar

Direct Mail Manager will be hosting a free webinar on September 12th at 2pm EDT to talk more in depth about this integration, so join in if you would like to learn more.

Special Offer

Get a free custom design for your first postcard campaign. Direct Mail Manager wants to help you get started on the right foot, so they will have one of their designers create a custom postcard design just for you! This is a $149.99 value. To be eligible, create your Direct Mail Manager account, add at least $200 to your account (which you’ll use toward your mailings), and fill out the design questionnaire.


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