LinkedIn Integration Added to Round Out Our Social CRM

We’ve rounded out our social integrations, adding LinkedIn to our social CRM. LinkedIn joins Twitter and Facebook as social networks you can activate inside of Batchbook for a deeper view into your contacts.

Our LinkedIn Social CRM Features

The LinkedIn integration will let you see the following LinkedIn information for people you are connected with:

  • Primary job title and company
  • City and state
  • Recent status updates
  • Number of connections
  • List of current and past positions


Social CRM Batchbook's LinkedIn Widget

User Authentication

Each user authenticates their own LinkedIn account, so they will see information only for contacts they are connected with on LinkedIn. This protects the privacy settings of LinkedIn users, and encourages your team members to get more active on social networks by building out their profile and making connections with the customers, vendors, and prospects your business works with.

Whenever you come across a contact that you are not connected with, you can send an invitation to connect right from Batchbook.

Using It

This integration is great for businesses that build out long lasting relationships with contacts. By connecting to LinkedIn inside of your social CRM, you can stay up to date with important contacts, even as they change jobs or get promotions. As you prepare to contact a customer, you can double check to make sure you have up to date information on them and you can read what they have been posting on LinkedIn.

You can also go right to their LinkedIn profile from Batchbook, so you can comment on updates and send messages directly to your contacts.

Here is a helpful knowledge base article letting you know how to get LinkedIn set up in your Batchbook account.

About Brad Shimp

Bradford is Batchbook's Product Manager. His job is to continually improve our product to make it even more useful to users like you.