OneSaas Integration: A World of Possibilities

Onesaas integration with BatchbookOne of the perks of using cloud software like our social CRM is the ability to integrate with other pieces of software that you use.

We are focused on building out a lot of great direct integrations with companies you love, and we have many partners that are building integrations with us. But, of course, it is impossible to build integrations with every piece of software. This is where the OneSaas integration comes in.

OneSaas is basically an integration hub for a lot of useful small business software tools. You can use that hub to set up integrations with your most used small business software. OneSaas automates integration with a ton of great tools.

The OneSaas Integration

The OneSaas integration allows you to send and receive contact information. In other words, when you create a new contact in Batchbook, you can send the contact details to another piece of software. Or when you create a new contact in another software, you can automatically sync the contact details over to Batchbook. It basically helps you keep all of your contact information current in the tools you use.

You can also limit which contacts you send or receive with OneSaas filters. For example, create a “sync” tag in Batchbook and use it as a filter, and those are the only contacts that will be pushed out.

Set up a Onesaas integration between Batchbook and your favorite online tools.

Some Ideas


You can mix and match your integrations with OneSaas from a wide variety of options. Here are some ideas:

Invoicing:  When you are ready to create an invoice, give your Batchbook contact an “invoice” tag to send it to Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Xero* or any of the other accounting and invoicing services available.

Contact Syncing: Keep your Google Contacts in sync with Batchbook, or push your Shoeboxed contacts directly to your customer database.

Ecommerce: Send your contacts from BigCommerce, Ebay, Shopify or any of more than a dozen ecommerce solutions into Batchbook.

Email Marketing: Send and receive contacts from MailChimp*, ActiveCampaign* or other popular email newsletter services.

Events: When someone signs up for your event via Eventbrite, bring their contact info right into your social CRM for follow up!

Project Management: Send new contacts from Basecamp and other project management tools.

Phone: Send and receive contacts from Ringio so you’ll have the latest info when you get a call.

*Note: We have direct integrations with Xero, MailChimp, and ActiveCampaign, so be sure to check those out!



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