Stop Losing Out Because Your Contacts Aren’t Organized

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Do you have a really good handle on your contacts? With all of the different communication channels we have these days, from email to social, to good old fashioned conversations in a coffee shop, it can be very difficult to keep your head straight when it comes to who you know, let alone what you know about them. If you keep your contact information spread out, it becomes impossible to find what you need when you need it. Good organization of your contacts will help you have quick access, as well as give you the ability to sort your contacts in ways that will help your business.

Organize with Good Data

Good organization starts with good data. If you just keep names and phone numbers in your customer database, you can only organize by those two pieces of data. Instead, start collecting more data on your customers. Think about the important details that you will need to remember later and get in the habit of recording them. Also, record all of your important communications in one place, so you will be able to look back over a complete conversation history.

Organize for Quick Access

One of the primary benefits of organized contacts is having the ability to pull up the information you need right away. If a contact happens to call you, you don’t want to be fumbling around trying to remember if you emailed them earlier.

By keeping your contacts in a cloud-based customer database, you will always have access to a full contact history, which is a great memory booster!

Organize So You Don’t Forget

Do you ever feel like some details are falling through the cracks? If your contacts are organized, you can combat this problem. One way to do this is to sort your contacts into lists based on when you last talked to them.

By recording communications in Batchbook, you can see people who you haven’t talked to in a month, in 3 months, and so on. You can filter that list even further to show just people who have bought from you before. With a list like this, you can make sure you aren’t forgetting to do important follow up with past customers.

Organize For Action

Not only can being organized act as a stop-gap for losing out on opportunities, it can lead you to new opportunities as well. If you bake cakes for a living, you can drive sales by recording the birthdays of your customers.

With this information you can build lists that include customers who have a birthday in a certain month. From those lists, you can make phone calls, send reminder cards with special offers, or send out nice birthday bonus emails!

Keeping your contacts organized helps you see the action you need to take and lets you work with groups of contacts who share similar interests (saving you time). Ultimately, you will be able to provide better service, get to the information you need right away, and will be able to better market to your contacts. A little organization goes a long way! Batchbook can help you get and stay organized. Check out our tour to learn more!

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