Our New HootSuite App Helps Your Business Make Social Connections

By February 21, 2013 Partners 2 Comments

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With our new HootSuite app, you can loop your social conversations into the complete customer history you have in Batchbook. Social connections and conversations often live in their own little world, somewhat disconnected from your other relationship management efforts.

We set out to solve that problem, making it easy for you to stay focused and informed about your relationships, no matter where you are having a conversation with your customers.

The Social Connection

If you are like a lot of small businesses, you are getting more active on social networks. HootSuite is a social media management system that helps you keep track of various networks in one place. You can share access to networks like Twitter and Facebook with your whole team and work together to answer social questions and to share your content with your audience.

While you are talking with people on social networks, it is helpful to get some background information about them. You want to be able to connect the dots, so to speak, so you can remember how you know someone and what you have talked about in the past. You’ll want to know if someone is a customer, a lead, or just a fan. Now you can get all of this information by using Batchbook and HootSuite together!

What You Can Do With the App

Our HootSuite app helps you get more personal with your social contacts and do better follow up as a team.

  • See your relationship history with someone by looking at your Batchbook contact details right in HootSuite
  • Do better follow up by viewing the back story for your contact, including open tasks and past communications
  • Save social posts and contact details to Batchbook from HootSuite, making it easy for the rest of the team to have access to social conversations
  • Take note of your most engaged social contacts and mark them as Champions in Batchbook

Here’s a short video that explains everything:

Getting Started

Our HootSuite app is free and will work with any Batchbook account. Visit the HootSuite app directory to get started.

If you are new to Batchbook, we are a social CRM with plans suited to small business, with unlimited users at any account level so your whole team can work together to build better customer relationships. View our tour here.

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Bradford is Batchbook's Product Manager. His job is to continually improve our product to make it even more useful to users like you.

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    So psyched to see this integration live and out in the world! I am looking forward to seeing what our customers think.