How Online Forms Help You Generate and Nurture Leads

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Sure, you know it’s important to collect contact info from potential and current customers. But it really isn’t easy to gather the information while you’re busy running your business. Online forms are an excellent way for people who are interested in your products or services to easily give you their contact info so you can follow up.

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#FavFeature: To-Dos Help My Team Get Stuff Done

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We’re polling Batchbook employees and users alike to find out which features are your favorites and to provide advanced tips for using them. If you have a favorite feature or tip, please email us at with the subject line #Favfeature.

Ah To-Do’s, how would I ever get anything done on time without you? To-Do’s are a favorite in Batchbook of many folks for just that reason: they help keep us on track!

60% of Batchbook users are using To-Dos regularly

Quick Look at Tasks from the Dashboard

So what makes To-Do’s in Batchbook particularly handy? First, I love having our To-Dos right on the Dashboard so that I can get moving quickly as soon as I log in. It’s a great quick-start to the day!


Team Based Task Management

As I hop over to the To-Do tab for a more in depth look at my tasks, it’s helpful being able to see not only what I’m personally working on, but what’s on my team’s plate as well.


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Important Notice: Impostor Site Shut Down

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It has recently come to our attention that an impostor site has been trying to pose as Batchbook in various online marketplaces, using the url We have taken legal action to have the impostor site taken down and as of today, they’re temporarily off the web while their ISP investigates.

This in no way affects your Batchbook account, but we wanted to make all Batchbook users aware in case you came across this url or any other listings of Batchbook that don’t link back to our secure website. It is unfortunate that people would try to profit by posing as another company, and we take any attempt to do so very seriously. We will continue to pursue legal action to protect our brand and customers.

If you have come across any offers from, please let us know by emailing us at

How to Add New Contacts to Batchbook From Your Smartphone

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If you spend a lot of your time out of the office, you may be looking for a way to add new contacts to your Batchbook CRM from your smartphone. This is actually pretty easy to do using our integration with Formstack.

What you will need:

  • A Batchbook account, of course
  • A Formstack account (you can get started for free as a Batchbook user)
  • A smartphone

Build a Webform using Formstack

Formstack is a great tool that makes building web forms super easy. They also integrate nicely with Batchbook, so you can set up a form to add new contact info right into your CRM.


Use Formstack’s advanced form building tool

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Introducing Collapsible Widgets

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One of the best things about using Batchbook is that you can store pretty much every detail about your contact right on one page.

When you have a contact open in Batchbook, you can see their contact info, to-dos that you have for the contact, a history of communications, files that are related to the contact, social details from Twitter and Facebook, any custom information you deem important, plus quite a bit more.

You can view most of this information in widgets, which are little boxes of information that you can move around on the contact page based on how you prioritize them.

This approach gives you great flexibility and a way to store a lot of pertinent info in one place. However, there is one downside to this approach. Because there are so many different things to keep track of for any given contact, you naturally need to have a lot of widgets. Some of them you might use all the time, some only occasionally. When you have a lot of widgets full of information, looking at all of it one one page can get overwhelming.

Based on user feedback, we’ve decided to improve the user experience for our contact page widgets.

Collapse, Expand, and Rearrange



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Fav Feature: Batchbox for Saving Email Conversations

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We’re polling Batchbook employees and users alike to find out which features are your favorites and to provide advanced tips for using them. If you have a favorite feature or tip, please email us at with the subject line #Favfeature.

Batchbox is an all around team favorite! Whether your goal is staying in touch with clients, sharing information with the team or both – Batchbox is the answer. Using your Batchbox address allows you to quickly pull your email conversations into Batchbook and attach them not only to the client but the user record as well.

Store emails in Batchbook using Batchbox

Share Conversations with a Team

Pulling conversations into Batchbook allows your whole team to share important information about what’s happening in your client relationship without tons of forwarding and cc’ing one another on random client emails. It allows you to help keep your co-workers email inbox a little cleaner, which means everyone is a tad more productive. Read More

Where Do the Leads Come From?

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by Phil Rogers at Revenizer

The #1 challenge for many small businesses is finding new leads. The good news is that there are many new ways to attract new customers. The big question is where to focus.

Let’s start with some data.


Hubspot sees data from a lot of businesses. Their data is focused on which activities generate the most leads. The results vary quite a bit between industry. In general terms; search, email and social media come out on top.

Source: Hubspot 



Kuno is a very sophisticated agency. They use Hubspot software. The big learning from their results is that things change over time so you do need to keep an eye on results. Even for Kuno, it looks like referrals from third parties that their prospects trust is a clear winner. Interestingly, even they admit to be a bit challenged with SEO.

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Where Does Accounting Fit Into The Sales Process?

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sales-clockSmall business owners spend a lot of time thinking about how to “make the sale.” Since the whole point of making sales is getting paid, there’s not much point in working hard to sell your goods and services if you don’t have a good system set up for getting paid afterward. While you don’t want to be pushy, having your invoicing and account systems set up properly will help you get paid quickly and keep track of your customer’s history which can result in… even more sales!

Our friends at Xero are experts in accounting, so we asked them to share some important tips to help you streamline your sales and accounting processes as part of our guide to Doing Sales Right.

Here are a few things that are covered:

  • Are You Accepting the Right Payment Methods?
  • Make it easy for clients and customers to pay you!
  • Do you have a smooth and efficient invoicing process?
  • The importance of accurate records

Having your accounting software integrated with your CRM can help make the sales process easier. It will also help you reach your sales goals and the most important goal of all – getting paid!