CRM Automation Will Give Your To-Do Workflow Super Powers

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Your work day is about to get easier. That’s because we’ve just launched Batchbook’s CRM automation for to-do workflows. This is the first of a series of automations we will be rolling out in Batchbook over the coming months. To-dos help you stay on top of your workload, or at least they should. If you spend as much time creating new to-dos as completing your current ones, something is wrong. Our newest feature is the solution. Why does your to-do workflow need CRM automation? For most of us, a to-do workflow is just a series of tasks that we do for our customers or related to our job. If you find yourself doing the same series of tasks a lot, this automation is for you. With…

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What Is CRM Automation?

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Automations have been around for a while. You know, all those robots that now put your car together on the assembly line, or hydrate your produce at the grocery store, or fly your airplane through the friendly skies. Automation is making our world more productive, more consistent and often times, easier. This same efficiency is now available in the world of developing customer relationships, but you need to understand what it is and how your business can use it. As we learned from the Jetsons, just turning relationships over to robots can go hilariously wrong. You hear more and more about CRM and marketing automation, but people use it to describe so many different aspects of the marketing and sales efforts…

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10 Apps that Help You Gain Control of Your Email Inbox

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Are you in a constant tug of war with your email inbox? Too often, the pace of each day is set by what emails you get. A single email can distract you from your plan for the day faster than you can say “I need a vacation.” There are a few tried-and-true tactics to help get your email under control, including: Only check email at certain times Don’t leave email in your inbox, do something with it right away Write short, to the point emails Avoid email chains by avoiding email This advice is all good and well, but how can you do these things? Turns out, there are a bunch of apps and email add-ons to help you get…

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Eventbrite Integration with Batchbook Saves You Time

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Using the Eventbrite Integration with Batchbook Means More Time Enjoying Your Event We reached out to a few customers using the Batchbook / Eventbrite integration to find out how the integration helps manage their events. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that while some folks are using it as we anticipated – to deliver personalized follow-up and use auto-imported event details for valuable cross promotion – others are continuing to delight us with their ingenuity and creative approach to pairing CRM with event management software. Check out the case studies below to learn how you can, like these businesses, use the Batchbook / Eventbrite integration to: Easily keep track of your volunteers’ personal outreach. Save valuable, historical details on students attending…

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Working Remotely Works

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Here at Batchbook we’ve combined a number of different work location styles into a well functioning team and culture.  About a third of our team works out of our Providence headquarters on a regular basis. We have a terrific, lofty, urban space in Providence’s Jewelry District where a group of us comes into a cozy office space most days of the week. Another third work half time from their home office, half time from the Batchbook office.  And the rest of the team is completely virtual. They live in distant parts of the country (or other countries even) and only visit the home office once a year or so. We’ve been asked a number of times recently to share more…

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Our Gift to You: Paid Time Off for Batchbook Customers

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With the launch of our new Holiday Gift Guide, we’ve been thinking about what to give to our own customers this season. We’ve traditionally sent out chocolates or Batchbook notebooks, but this year we’re trying something different. We were inspired by a customer who wrote in recently to cancel an account when their Batchbook administrator went on maternity leave. We’re passionate about work/life balance and did not sit well with the idea that an important life event would cause disruption in that business’ ability to track their customer information.   We’ll Pay You To Take Time Off Starting in January 2016 we’re offering our small business CRM customers one month payment-free vacation time so you can step away from the computer without losing your…

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Business, Every Budget, Every Schedule

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End-of-year holidays are the perfect time to have a little fun, reach out to customers and let them know how much their business means to you. This year, for inspiration, we used Google consumer surveys to ask 397 small businesses what they typically spend and do for customers over the holidays. We’re not professional pollsters, and this is a small sample size, so please don’t use this data to predict a presidential candidate or forecast the global economy. Do use it as a gut-check on what other small businesses are doing for customers this year and for some inspiring, unique gift ideas. Who’s splurges the most on customers and who needs to step up their holiday game?  Check out the…

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Improving the Social In Our Social CRM

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Bye bye summer sand, iced teas, and lobster rolls! Hello heads-down focus, back-to-school friends, and ye olde routine! In the spirit of fall’s hunkered-down-hard-work vibe, we’re wondering about what you’ve got in the works, both big and small. Maybe you’re planning new adventures or products or fun contests. Maybe you’re getting organized and looking for a cheer squad or resources. Specifics aside, we’ve got a hunch that your plans have a social media component. Since we can’t always meet up for coffee (one can dream), let’s get social to keep in touch, share ideas, resources and shout outs. As a social CRM company, we’re always looking for ways to improve our social side. Whether it’s with new social integrations, tools for managing social…

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Team Pricing for a Team Effort

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No man is an island, Entire of itself, Every man is a piece of the continent, A part of the main. ~ John Donne To paraphrase John Donne, we are all in this together. Building a business is a team effort. It starts the day the entrepreneurial lightbulb goes off and you need someone to bounce ideas off, until the day you need to hire an HR manager because you have so many people involved in helping you build your small business. Three years ago when we launched the new version of Batchbook we reorganized our pricing structure around this concept of team involvement in customer relationships and offered unlimited users in all of our plans. We call it relationship…

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Event Follow-up Tools

Batchbook Follow-up Tool is Now Available Within Eventbrite Extensions

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Eventbrite helps you run a successful event. The new Batchbook Extension for Eventbrite helps you turn that successful event into lifelong happy relationships. What Does it Do? The new Batchbook Follow-Up tool extension tool in the Eventbrite Spectrum marketplace lets event planners seamlessly move back and forth between Eventbrite and Batchbook to manage the post-event follow-ups and ongoing marketing efforts more efficiently. From within Eventbrite, event planners will now be able to: Create a Batchbook account directly within Eventbrite. Sync new attendee and event information directly to Batchbook. Save past events in Batchbook instantly. Link over to your Batchbook account without a separate login process. And with data synced into Batchbook, event planners can: Quickly see who needs a follow-up…

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