New Year, New Opportunities to Build Great Customer Relationships

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Social CRM Strategy for the New Year

Happy New Year! This year is full of promise and opportunity for your small business. One of your best opportunities is in building great customer relationships this year. As a social CRM for small business, we are here to help!

Come Up With a Social CRM Strategy

Social CRM is about building more social relationships with your customers. A tool like Batchbook can help, but it all starts with your own internal strategy. Have you ever really thought about how you build and maintain relationships with your customers? If not, the new year is as good a time to start as any.

Your social CRM strategy should cover the gamut of all of your customer contact points, from the initial sale to follow up to building lifetime customer loyalty. At its core, your strategy should include a commitment to interact more with your customers. Remember, interacting means listening just as much as talking.

You can more actively listen to your customers through social streams like Twitter, by providing surveys at different points of your customer relationship and just by asking good questions when talking to your customers.

A good strategy doesn’t have to be pages and pages of detailed what-if scenarios. Instead, use just one page to plot out your plan for better relationship building this year.

Use Your Tools

Think about all of the ways you currently interact with your customers. Most small businesses have a healthy mix of in person, over the phone and email interaction. You may also talk to your customers via your blog or a site forum, through social media, with a customer ticketing system, or any of a countless variety of web-based communication tools.

Because you have so many possible channels of communication, you need a tool to help you organize everything in one place. That is why CRM software was invented. Social CRM software like Batchbook takes it a step further and helps you to communicate with customers via the software or its integration partners.

Besides a central customer database, you will need tools for communication. Here are some of our favorites:

Email Marketing:

MailChimp, ActiveCampaign


Hootsuite, Tweetdeck


Formstack, Wufoo


Gmail, Yesware, Rapportive

Make Some Customer-Centric Resolutions

Make this year all about your customers. Good customer communication leads to good things for your business, like more repeat customers and more sales in general. Here are a few resolutions you can make for the new year:

I resolve to use my social CRM software to keep all of my customer information in one place, so everyone at my business will have a full history of the relationship and will feel empowered to move it forward.

I resolve to have more personal interactions with my “Champion” customers and friends.

I resolve to send out a regular newsletter to my customers to educate them about my field of expertise and to provide them with added value around my product.

I resolve to watch Twitter for mentions about my business and industry and to engage in real conversations there.

I resolve to survey my customers to find out how I can better serve them.

What other customer-centric resolutions are you making for the new year?


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