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Tomorrow — The Small Business Webinar: Using BatchBook’s Integration Partners to Achieve Contact Management Bliss

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Tomorrow (Thursday September 10 at 2:00 ET), we’ll take a break from our regularly scheduled webinar to bring you a special one. This webinar, called The Small Business Webinar: Using BatchBook’s Integration Partners to Achieve Contact Management Bliss, will focus on how you can enhance your BatchBook experience through our integration partners.

The webinar description:

Join Stephanie Sweeney and Adam Darowski of BatchBlue Software as they demonstrate how to use BatchBook’s integration partners to achieve contact management bliss! You’ll see how easy it is to send emails to your customers, keep track of outstanding client invoices, import business card and other contact data, even monitor support questions all from the comfort of your BatchBook account.

With our integration partners, we’ve made it easier to manage your contacts, your way.

Stephanie and I will cover BatchBook’s integration with Google Contacts, MailChimp, FreshBooks, Shoeboxed — and a sneak peek at the newest addition to our small business arsenal — Zendesk! We hope to see you there!
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Our Users Are So Smart: Email links in BatchBook can now direct to GMail

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BatchBox email forwarding is one of my favorite feature of BatchBook. Every BatchBook user gets their own BatchBox address. You can use that address to forward (or BCC) email messages into BatchBook. We’ll handle the trouble of creating a communication, attaching it to the proper contacts, and retaining attachments.

On any contact page in BatchBook, email addresses (of course) are hyperlinked so that clicking on them opens a new message in your email application. Forum user Dean made the awesome suggestion that we automatically BCC those messages to the BatchBox address. He got an Our Users are So Smart post for that.

Some of our savvy forum users are Gmail users. So, they used a Firefox add-on to make all email links open in Gmail. Only problem is Gmail was dropping the “+” sign that’s in every BatchBox email address. That’s no fun. We were kind of stumped, though.

But forum user Marty wrote in with this suggestion:

… I know at least Firefox can be set-up to use gmail, and there are some scripts out there like Greasemonkey that allow me to make all my mailto links go through gmail, but I use several computers, sometimes a shared or public one or a friend’s which I could not do any of this to.

But I just found out that all these scripts do is re-write the ‘mailto’ link to something like this:


It would be amazing if you could provide an option for each account to make all their links use gmail (or other webmail services). By selecting options, like ‘Use Your Desktop Email’, ‘Use Gmail’, ‘Use Webmail Service X’, etc. the mailto links would be re-written to cater to our email service. …


So, Sean put the change in and it was live about a day later. If you’re a GMail user, just head over to your account settings. In the BatchBox section, there’s a checkbox to convert all emails to GMail friendly links. Then, every time you click on an email address within BatchBook, it will open a new Gmail window and automatically put your BatchBox address in the BCC.

Thanks so much Marty!

BatchBook now with sync: Gmail, Freshbooks, Shoeboxed

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Just a really quick announcement that today we’re launching beta versions of BatchBook sync with Gmail, Freshbooks and Shoeboxed. Half of the team is at SXSW in Austin getting the word out, the other half has been up for about six days and I suspect may be sleeping.

So now you can sync your BatchBook contacts with your Gmail contacts, you can track outstanding Freshbooks client invoices from within your BatchBook account, and you can finally do something with all those pesky business cards you’ve amassed over the past year by sending them into Shoeboxed, then importing the csv file into BatchBook. Here are the brand new related FAQs with all the nuts and bolts.

What we’re REALLY excited about as a developing result of these partnerships is something we’re calling the Small Business Web. More details to follow but at a high level, it’s a way for small businesses to have greater access to and ease of use with their data using all the cool web apps out there that like-minded, customer-obsessed companies like ours are building for them. Fun stuff!

Have to head out in search of coffee. Let us know what you think of SYNC!

Update: More from Sean, our VP of Tech, over on the Support Forum.