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Keep Your ActiveCampaign Contacts Fresh with the Batchbook Integration

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The fine folks over at ActiveCampaign have just rolled out an update to the Batchbook-ActiveCampaign integration that will help you keep all of your email lists current.

With this update, you can now choose to auto-sync Batchbook contacts over to ActiveCampaign. This means if you change any information on your contact in Batchbook, that info will automatically sync over to ActiveCampaign.

This is especially handy because it lets you take full advantage of ActiveCampaign’s intuitive segmenting tools. Let’s say you send out emails based on geographic region. If you have a contact who moves, you can just enter the new address info once in Batchbook and your email list will automatically be updated as well. That way, you won’t be left sending “Sunny Florida!” emails to someone who has moved up to the frigid north in the middle of winter.

How it Works

Here is a video from ActiveCampaign that shows you how simple this integration is:

Batchbook integration from ActiveCampaign on Vimeo.

Cool Features of the ActiveCampaign CRM Integration with Batchbook

  • Auto-sync contacts from Batchbook to keep them fresh in ActiveCampaign
  • Import all of your important contact info, including custom fields
  • Use your Batchbook info to build better email segments
  • Use your Batchbook details to personalize your email content
  • Use info like Batchbook tags to create conditional content for your emails
  • Use your Batchbook data to trigger automated sales or marketing emails


Learn more about ActiveCampaign and their CRM integration with Batchbook.

Join us for a Free Webinar

We will be joining up with ActiveCampaign for a free webinar on October 2nd titled “How to Use Automatic Emails for a Personal Touch.”

Marketing automation isn’t just for the big guys. With a little forethought and the right toolset, you can create highly relevant, highly personal emails that will go out at just the right time.

Join us as we discuss how to unlock the potential of automatic emails for your small business. You’ll come away with some tips to help you get going and some deeper insights into how the right use of technology can help you maintain a high level of personal touch.

Register early (don’t worry, we’ll remind you).

SXSW09, Sync, and the Birth of the Small Business Web

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We’re back and finally somewhat recovered from the madness that is SXSW. This year, Michelle, Pam and Matt attended (Michelle’s usual partner in social media crime, Adam, was out having a baby – congrads, Adam!)

Like last year, the event was blur of meet-ups, panels, interviews, intense hallway conversations and non-stop activity. Sadly, the BatchBlue team didn’t get to attend too many panels, but as a networking event, it was great. And a lot of cool stuff came out of it.

In the days (okay, more like hours) leading up to SXSW, we put the finishing touches on the beta of BatchBook sync, which was hugely exciting for us as it brings us one step closer to the idea of true data portability. Our plan was to soft launch BatchBook sync at SXSW, then return home to do some tweaking and de-bugging before really getting the word out. But like many well-intentioned plans (especially as they pertain to SXSW), this got tossed out the window and instead we found ourselves buckling our virtual seatbelts for a wild web app ride. Lots of new traffic and an ill-fated server move resulted in some growing pains for BatchBook, but thanks largely to the superhuman, nocturnal efforts of Sean and Matt, we’ve made it through and are better than ever. We also give a huge thanks to our customers both old and new for bearing with us through that rocky week.

T-Shirts and a Texas-sized small business brunch
Since we knew how much people depend on Twitter in Austin to help them plan, we brought a bunch of “BatchBook Social CRM” t-shirts with us that had a space for people’s Twitter handles on the front. The t-shirts were a big hit: we literally had people chasing us down to get one! Thanks to our friend and unofficial BatchBlue mascot TJ Sondermann for the concept.

On Sunday, we planned on hosting a Small Business Brunch with our friend Shashi Bellamkonda of Network Solutions. We expected maybe twenty or so folks to come by the delicious Moonshine Cafe to meet up, network and talk small business. We were pleasantly surprised when more than double that number showed up, thanks in large part ot Shashi’s mad Twitter skills. The restaurant was extremely accommodating and graciously set up extra tables so everyone could enjoy their delicious Sunday brunch. We hung out with social media man Jeff Pulver, Lisa Rodwell from Moo cards, Saul Colt from Freshbooks, Becky McCray from Small Biz Survival, and many many others. Perhaps the most important connection made that morning was when Matt learned chicken-fried steak is best eaten with gravy.

The Small Business Web

We were also happy about how much excitement the concept of the Small Business Web generated, both with our new sync partners and the press we spoke with. Grant Robertson from the Download Squad shot a really fun video (see above) of us and some of the folks from Freshbooks, Outright and Shoeboxed talking about the Small Business Web. It was definitely our most rock star moment, as people crowded up to us after the interview wanting to know more about our products and how they worked with each other. Cool! We’re still sorting out the details of what the Small Business Web will look like as we partner with other folks, but we did put together a sort of mission statement:

The Small Business Web is a movement to bring together like-minded, customer-obsessed software companies to integrate our respective products and make life easier for small businesses. While there are many products available for small business owners on the Web, the approach we’re taking is to use each others APIs to provide a high-level of integration between these applications and create a more seamless experience for our customers.

Our goal is to refine and better define the Small Business Web over the upcoming months. We’ll be updating here as we do.

We also got some other great press coverage coming out of SXSW, which you can read on our Press page. One of the coolest things was that Chris Brogan called us his “favorite web app” (well, after Twitter), which is a huge compliment coming from the King of All Social Media (though he would tell you he was but its humble servant).

In all, it was once again a worthwhile conference filled with interesting people doing exciting things and we were very glad to be a part of it. Thanks to everyone we met and we hope to see you again in Texas next year (you too, Adam!)

BatchBook now with sync: Gmail, Freshbooks, Shoeboxed

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Just a really quick announcement that today we’re launching beta versions of BatchBook sync with Gmail, Freshbooks and Shoeboxed. Half of the team is at SXSW in Austin getting the word out, the other half has been up for about six days and I suspect may be sleeping.

So now you can sync your BatchBook contacts with your Gmail contacts, you can track outstanding Freshbooks client invoices from within your BatchBook account, and you can finally do something with all those pesky business cards you’ve amassed over the past year by sending them into Shoeboxed, then importing the csv file into BatchBook. Here are the brand new related FAQs with all the nuts and bolts.

What we’re REALLY excited about as a developing result of these partnerships is something we’re calling the Small Business Web. More details to follow but at a high level, it’s a way for small businesses to have greater access to and ease of use with their data using all the cool web apps out there that like-minded, customer-obsessed companies like ours are building for them. Fun stuff!

Have to head out in search of coffee. Let us know what you think of SYNC!

Update: More from Sean, our VP of Tech, over on the Support Forum.