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Keep Your ActiveCampaign Contacts Fresh with the Batchbook Integration

The fine folks over at ActiveCampaign have just rolled out an update to the Batchbook-ActiveCampaign integration that will help you keep all of your email lists current. With this update, you can now choose to auto-sync Batchbook contacts over to ActiveCampaign. This means if you change any information on your contact in Batchbook, that info [...]

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SXSW09, Sync, and the Birth of the Small Business Web

We’re back and finally somewhat recovered from the madness that is SXSW. This year, Michelle, Pam and Matt attended (Michelle’s usual partner in social media crime, Adam, was out having a baby – congrads, Adam!) Like last year, the event was blur of meet-ups, panels, interviews, intense hallway conversations and non-stop activity. Sadly, the BatchBlue [...]

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BatchBook now with sync: Gmail, Freshbooks, Shoeboxed

Just a really quick announcement that today we’re launching beta versions of BatchBook sync with Gmail, Freshbooks and Shoeboxed. Half of the team is at SXSW in Austin getting the word out, the other half has been up for about six days and I suspect may be sleeping. So now you can sync your BatchBook [...]

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