Twice As Nice in Atlanta

What is better than visiting one of our favorite cities, Atlanta, in February? Well, visiting it twice, of course!

On February 19th, Pamela O’Hara, CEO of Batchbook, will be in town for Founder Fables. This is a super cool off the record event exclusively for business founders.

Pamela will be sharing the story of Batchbook alongside a great slate of other speakers. If you are a founder or co-founder of a business looking for some straight talk about starting a business come to this event!

Then, on February 22nd and 23rd, Christelle Lachapelle, our brand manager, will be at Barcamp Atlanta!

She will be at the pre-party on Friday night, and then will be taking part in Saturday’s unconference. Both the pre-party and the Barcamp are free, so be sure to come to one or both and say hello to Christelle!

Also, if you are in Atlanta but can’t make it to the Barcamp, Christelle would love to meet you for coffee! Tweet us @batchbook and we will set something up.

About Brad Shimp

Bradford is Batchbook's Product Manager. His job is to continually improve our product to make it even more useful to users like you.