Keep a Light Personal Touch with Twitter and Batchbook

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See Twitter posts inside your social CRM BatchbookAs a social CRM for small businesses, we want to help you stay more connected with your contacts. Our Twitter integration is one way to do this.

When you hook up your Twitter account to Batchbook, you are able to see a contact’s 3 most recent Twitter updates and can click through to Twitter to send a message.

Not only is it fun to see if the contact you are about to call just ate sushi, there are some very practical ways to use the Twitter integration to be more personal with your customers.

What’s Up?

So yeah, it actually CAN be very handy to know if your contact just ate sushi. Before you make a call or send an email, take a brief look at those latest Tweets. The information you find there will help you be more personal. It also may help to wave you off. If someone posts that they are buried in work, maybe you’ll want to wait a day before calling.

Of course, you don’t want to come off as a stalker. Getting too specific with your contacts, especially if you don’t have a relationship yet, will only make them nervous. Use Twitter to help you discover conversation topics or, even better, to discover ways in which you can help your contacts. If you do know the customer well, then it’s okay to reference a specific tweet when talking to them.

Social CRM Batchbook Shows Twitter Posts With Other Contact Info

See tweets alongside other contact information in Batchbook

Check In

You can also keep a list of Champions who you follow on Twitter so you can check in with them regularly. These are the people who you want to purposefully keep in touch with throughout the year. Twitter is a great way to do that.

In Batchbook, create a list of all of your Champions who have an active Twitter stream and then set a reminder to comb through this list regularly.

Twitter is a great way to keep a light touch with these important contacts. By replying to or retweeting a recent post, you are showing that you listen to and want to engage with these folks.

Be Social

When you are ready to reach out to a contact, consider Twitter as a viable option. It’s great for a quick note. For instance, if you saw a news article that you think a contact would be interested in, use Twitter to share it.

By looking at the Twitter stream in Batchbook, you can see if your contacts are actively adding posts. If they are active, you can send them a quick message and know that they will see it.

Twitter is an easy way to maintain a light personal touch with your customers. Our integration helps you pay attention to what contacts are saying and makes it easy to reach out when it feels right.

How do you use Twitter for your business?

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