Use Social CRM to Send Out Those Last Minute Holiday Greetings

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Social CRM Batchbook - Procrastinator's Guide to Holiday Mailings

It is easy to get so busy with your regular day to day tasks that you forget about important business building efforts. Sending out holiday greetings to customers is one of those important things that sometimes gets procrastinated. But doing something special, like mailing holiday cards, helps you establish stronger relationships with your customers. Those good relationships form the foundation for all of your future business growth.

What should you do then, if you’ve put off sending a holiday message?

Social CRM to the Rescue

If you are using a social CRM to organize your business around your customers, you’ll be able to pull off last minute holiday greetings with panache. Social CRM, as a tool, helps you to stay connected with your best customers.  When you have your customers organized, you can easily pull up a list of them to send your greetings too.

Find People You’ve Talked To

Use your social CRM to grab a list of everyone you have communicated with in the last year. You can filter that list based on folks who are customers or who meet whatever criteria you decide on. If you use Batchbook, you could build a list of all of your Champions who you’ve communicated with recently. Also, check your social networks to find people who you have had interactions with throughout the year.

Send Digital Cheer

Once you have your list of social contacts and customers, it’s time to send them some cheer. You may not have mailing addresses for all of these contacts, but that’s okay because there really isn’t time to get something in the mail anyway! Instead, send your greeting via email or social networks.

If your social CRM connects to email marketing software, you can sync your list and send out a nice e-card or holiday-themed newsletter. You can also see which contacts you are connected to on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. If you have a connection, it’s okay to send out a personalized holiday greeting right on the network. Add a nice picture, something funny or meaningful, to make your social message stand out.

For those really great customers, you might even want to send an e-gift card.

Being Organized Helps You Get Things Done

By keeping your contacts organized in a social CRM you are always ready, even for last minute communications. You’ll be able to find the people you communicate most with and you’ll be able to see where you communicate with them. All of this helps you to stay social at important moments with your customers. Whether it’s the holidays, an event you are planning, or even an issue you need to update customers on, social CRM helps you get the word out, fast!

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