About Batchbook

Batchbook is a simple tool to help small businesses build meaningful relationships with their best customers. We help our customers organize disperse contact information and access it from the cloud so that small businesses can stay on top of their world saving agendas.

We built Batchbook because we are an energetic group of world savers ourselves. Our mission is to promote passion for small business and enable entrepreneurs to do great things.

We believe in the power of the human touch, which is reflected in our approach to software development. Technology should never replace human interaction. Instead, it should enable it in creative ways.

Batchbook is proudly rooted in Providence, RI., with a team that spans the United States. Batchbook users come from every corner of the world.

Pamela O'Hara

CEO & Co-Founder

Ray Anderson


Kay Belardinelli

Senior Web Designer

Raymond Bonachea

VP of Marketing

Keri Calhoun

VP of Strategy

Jennifer Capenito

CE Team Lead

Darlene DeRosa

HR Manager

Hansen Grider

Director of Finance

Melony Hypes

Director of CE

Jillian Krause

Customer Experience

Christelle Lachapelle

Brand Manager

Chris Marques

Software Engineer

Linda Mitchell

Product & Docs Manager

Jason Rankin

Technical Director

Bradford Shimp

Product Manager

Stephanie Sweeney

Quality Assurance