Make Your Lists Ahead of Time

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We’ve just released a small update to lists: you can now build an empty list in Batchbook. But why would you want to do this?

Preparation, my friend, preparation.

Batchbook lists are fantastic. They update automatically and help you stay on top of important touch points, such as which new leads need a call today, which long time customers haven’t visited in awhile, who’s coming to your next event, which customers are waiting for a quote, and lots more.

Things you want to keep track of in the future

When you’re first setting up your Batchbook account, you probably have ideas about what you want to keep track off. If you need to see all the contacts who meet X criteria, a list is what you’ll need. But, you might not have contacts that match those criteria yet. Before now, you had to wait until you had at least one contact who met a search criteria before you could build your list. Not any more.

future list

For example, maybe you’re bringing on a new sales rep, and you’d like to keep a list of all the contacts that rep adds to Batchbook. Well, they haven’t added any yet, but that’s no problem.

Just add a list like you normally would. For this list, you’ll look for any contacts created by the new sales rep. It will bring back 0 results, but you can now save it as a list so that it’ll be ready to collect that first contact.

Examples for future lists

Here are a few ideas for helpful lists you can build today:

  • Customers who have been with us for a year
  • Members whose renewal date is coming up in the next 30 days
  • Leads who have not responded to a proposal
  • Donors who donated 12 months ago

We’ve also made advanced search faster by removing an unnecessary step. Now you can view search results, build lists, export, or jump over to a contact in less time.

Hope you like the update!



Resolve to Be Fantastic. We’ll Show You How.

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Resolve to Be Fabulous!
We want to help make your 2015 a smashing success, so we’ve combined our customers’ five most common new year’s resolutions with Batchbook customizations and team strategies for turning those resolutions into achievable goals.

1. Get More Clients

Spread the word about your business in a way that respects and showcases your relationship with existing clients.

Referral Lists. It can be uncomfortable to ask customers to hit up their various networks on your behalf.  Why not ask them instead to be a referrer for your business?  Our friends as Grasshopper virtual phone systems have a great Twitter referral program.  If someone tweets about their brand, then they’re referred to a few customers who have agreed to be on their “happy customers” list (we’re fans & we’re there!). You can set up a similar program using any of these strategies:

  • Use Batchbook tags to place customers on a “happy” list. Our lists stay magically current and let you do tons of useful things with several contacts at the same time.
  • Avoid sending an interested bride to a plumber for a reference by using custom fields to deftly categorize the types of customers you have. This way, you can expertly refer prospects to a well-matched business twin in no time.
  • Track and tag Twitter conversations between happy customers and new prospects using our Hootsuite integration. This is a great way to get new, engaged prospects into your small business CRM.

Content Marketing.  Service businesses sell a service AND their hard-earned expertise. Whether you’re advertising in content networks like Outbrain or building up your SEO with relevant blog posts, Batchbook can help you keep track of the performance of your different content efforts.

Create a call to action (CTA) within a blog post asking readers to fill out a short web form for more information on your product. If you assign different tags to each blog post, then you can create a report in Batchbook showing all the contacts coming from web forms and which blog post they came from. Our integration partners, Formstack and Ninja Forms, are two great web form providers to check out.

2. Sell More to Existing Customers

Thousands of our customers sign up for Batchbook hoping to more effectively and consistently manage their existing customers. They use Batchbook to track information about their purchase history, business practices, or seasonal activities and interests. All that information is crucial for engaging customers in a genuine, personalized way, because it lets you suggest additional products and services that they have an excellent chance of needing and being interested in.

Personalize automation. Our MailChimp integration can add either existing or new customers to email messages based on specific criteria in your Batchbook account. This integration truly showcases the power of a good customer database, because it lets you reach out specifically to customers who you know are interested in your product or service.

Lists in Batchbook are dynamic, meaning that they automatically add new contacts based on whatever information is most important to you: web form data, purchase history, or location information to name a few. When new contacts are added to the Batchbook list you can send them to MailChimp in one click.

3. Increase Membership Engagement

Maybe, rather than selling products, you’re a membership organization. You’re frequently in the position of justifying organizational fees to your members by engaging them in new ways, like various online and offline programming, joint events with local partners or different discount specials. Your CRM can help by tracking member versus non-member participation in these efforts, including the growth in engagement over time.

Track Member Attendance at Events. Batchbook can manage invitation lists for both online events such as webinars and Twitter chats, or offline events like meetups and conferences. Any list of invitees in Batchbook can quickly be sent to Eventbrite. Post event, you can import the actual attendees (ticketed contacts) back from Eventbrite and tag them with the event name(s) so that they’re immediately searchable as event attendees.

Measure Social Engagement. Whether via e-mail, phone or social channels, it’s important to stay on top of who’s engaging with your team and who’s in danger of falling through the cracks.

Batchbook lets you categorize communication types, so you can quickly measure social engagement by looking at all the conversations specifically in the “social media” category. Read on for more handy social CRM tips below.

4: Get More Press

CRM isn’t just about customer relationships. It’s also a great tool for managing the complexity of press opportunities available in the Golden Age of Content. While the opportunities might seem endless, it still comes down to having the right relationship with the writers and journalists who have an interest in covering what your organization does. Batchbook can help you keep track of these different outlets, the contacts at those outlets, the communications back and forth with them and the coverage they’ve given you.

Press Relations 2.0. Good journalists can smell spam a mile away. You’ll be more successful if you take the time to learn more about the writer, their audience, the outlets they contribute to, the types of stories they’re interested in, the format of their coverage and when they publish. Keep your homework organized and at the ready in our custom fields. This way, whether you sponsor a local women’s entrepreneurial organization in your workspace or launch a new mobile version of your software, you can easily find the right bloggers and outlets to help you get the word out.

5: Be Social

Whether via e-mail, phone or social channels, it’s important to stay on top of who’s engaging with your team and who’s in danger of falling through the cracks.

Run a Social Search. The Social Search feature in Batchbook is a quick and fun way to fortify a contact’s profile with information that they’re posting on Facebook and Twitter. Those writers you’re doing homework on? Run a social search for them to discover what’s top of mind that week, what articles they’ve published recently and what they’re currently working on or interested in.

Use the Hootsuite Integration. Our Hootsuite integration prevents missed social opportunities. All communications and contacts sent from Hootsuite to Batchbook are tagged “Hootsuite” so that you can create a list of all contacts originating from your social media channels. Avoid losing touch by including on your list any contacts who HAVE NOT been communicated with in a certain time period.

Batchbook can help you keep your New Year’s resolutions and more. Start a free trial today and make this the Best Year Ever!

More Power in Your Pocket with Contact Editing on Mobile

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To start this year, we are focusing on making some improvements to your Batchbook mobile experience. To get things kicked off, we’ve released an update that should please all you road warriors and mobile users. You can now add, edit, and delete contacts in Batchbook from your smartphone.


Mobile Contact Editing

If you use Batchbook on your phone, you are probably familiar with our mobile contacts view. Up until now, you have been able to search and view contacts, send email, make a call, or pull up a map to their location.

We’ve had a lot of requests to provide the ability to add new contacts or edit existing ones, and this feature update does just that.

placeit (2)

Now, when you meet an interesting new person, you can add them right into your Batchbook contact database from your smartphone.

You can also edit any contact’s details, including name, title, company, tags, email, phone, website, and address, right there on the spot.

Adding notes about a contact is easy too. Just click edit and then add your notes in the about field.

And if you have a falling out with someone? Just click and they are deleted, no questions asked!

What’s Next?

I can’t go into details, but we have some exciting things planned for 2015, especially around mobile. This feature update is just the start of that. Keep an eye on our blog for the latest updates.

Plan Your Small Business Holiday Promotions – It’s Not Too Late!

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It’s that time of year again, time to plan those Holly Jolly Holiday Promotions. Well actually, it’s a little past the time to plan them. Funny how the holiday season can sneak up on you. If you’ve been procrastinating or just too busy running your business to make a holiday promotion plan, we’re here to help.


The Clock is Ticking

Holiday Time

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Holiday Promotions has a bunch of useful tips and information to help you hurry up and get started with your holiday promotions. Like what, you ask? We cover topics like:

  • Making a plan
  • Holiday emails
  • Social Media
  • Holiday Cards
  • Gifts! (Who doesn’t love a gift?)

We’ve got dates and statistics to help you decide what will work best for your business. We even have an infographic if you’re too busy to read the guide. If that’s not enough, we have a whole series of more in-depth blog posts to inspire you.

We know it’s a busy time of year. We want to help you get your promotions going quickly so that you, your employees, and your customers can enjoy the season!

What are your holiday plans?

Are you going to try any of these ideas? Have you already made a list of promotions (and checked it twice)? Or, are you skipping the promotions and heading straight to the dessert table? We want to hear all about it in the comments.




New Feature: Get Notified When New Contacts Are Added

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Staying current with what is going on in your CRM is really important. That is why we have added our latest feature: email notifications for new contacts.

Set Up Your Notifications

You are in control when it comes to which new contacts you get notified about. This works with tags. Pick which tags you want to monitor, and we will send you an email any time a new contact is added with any of your selected tags.

Contact Notification

To get started, head over to your settings in Batchbook and look for the Notifications area. Check the box to be notified about new contacts and choose at least one tag.

Each user can customize their own notifications. So, while you may be interested in seeing new leads that come in through your website’s form, a colleague may want to get notified every time a new contact is created via a Batchbox email. Keep in mind that you won’t get notified for contacts that you create.

Using It

This new tool should be helpful in a lot of different scenarios. We’ve kept it simple and flexible so that you could use it in a way that makes the most sense to you. Here are a few ideas: Read More

Become a Web Form Ninja with Batchbook’s Newest Integration: Ninja Forms

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Don’t you wish you were a ninja when it comes to getting new contacts into your Batchbook account? Imagine that a new customer comes to your WordPress site, enters their contact info into a form and then, as if by magic, that new lead is in your Batchbook account the next time you log in. That’s what the new integration with Ninja Forms does!

ninja forms

The folks at Ninja Forms have launched a new integration into Batchbook that will make your life a lot easier. You can take the form you’ve created with Ninja Forms and send the data you collect right over to Batchbook.

Ninja Forms:

  • Create new contacts and companies automatically upon submission.
  • Batchbook’s Tag functionality is supported so you can generate unique tags for both contact and company based on landing pages, form data, etc.
  • The form can map to Batchbook basic fields for both person and company: Address, About, Phone, Email, Website, tag.
  • Map to custom location labels (personal phone number, gmail email)
  • Map to Batchbook’s custom fields as well!

So, if you can’t BE a ninja, at least you can have one on your team! If you’re currently using Ninja Forms or if you’re thinking about it, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the integration.

Take Action from Your Inbox

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Since we know that you have a lot to get done, we decided to make managing your Batchbook tasks a little easier. You live in your email inbox, so that’s where we focused our efforts with this latest update to the to-do feature in Batchbook.

Get More Info in Task Notifications and Reminders

For starters, we’ve pumped up the amount of information you get when you get a to-do notification or reminder. Previously, we would email to tell you about the task and direct you back to Batchbook to look at it. Now, you can view the task and description, as well as contact info for any contacts associated with the task, right in your email.

Have a task to call on a customer? When you get the reminder email on your smartphone, you can now just click on the contact’s phone number and place the call.


Read More

Boost Sales with Live Chat

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Have you been thinking about adding live chat to your website? More and more sites seem to have a live chat option, so you might be wondering if it would benefit your business to offer it. We were wondering too, so we thought we’d ask the live chat experts from SnapEngage to show us how to “Use Live Chat to Boost Sales and Increase Conversion Rates” in our Sales Guide.

“44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a web site can offer.”

Things you can learn from this guide:

  • Why engagement matters
  • How to develop a game plan
  • What’s the best timing for live chat
  • How to connect with the right person

The guide is a wealth of information for small businesses thinking about using live chat on their website. We hope it will give you the insight you need to move forward and connect customers with real live members of your staff.

Do you use live chat on your site? Are you thinking of implementing it in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.