Watch: How to Set Up and Use the Gmail Integration

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By now you’ve heard tons about our new Gmail Integration and may be wondering if it’s right for you and your team. What bells and whistles does it contain? And how can I get it going quickly? While we have plenty of support articles aimed at getting you set up for success with the Gmail Integration we know that seeing it real time can be a heck of a lot more understandable. With the Gmail Integration you can create automated workflows including templated and automated emails. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to stay in touch with your contacts or more in depth sales automation, the Gmail Integration will likely be a good fit. I’m personally a…

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Shared Workflow (1)

Build a Shared Workflow with Automatic To-Dos

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Most of our customers have several users working in Batchbook. I thought I’d take some time to go in depth on how to set up a shared workflow for multiple users. With automations, you can pass tasks between team members, keeping the ball rolling. A workflow is a series of steps that your team needs to complete. In Batchbook, those steps often revolve around the contact. For instance, you may have a workflow to work with a new lead until they become a customer. Or you may have a workflow that your team follows to onboard new members to your service, or to provide quality support and follow up. For my example, I’ll be creating a workflow that takes someone from a…

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Tags Superpower

Discover the hidden power of tags

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Recently, I found myself writing new knowledge base articles about tags in Batchbook. I was surprised to find that we didn’t already have articles about tags. Afterall, they are a central feature that we talk to customers about a lot on the support team. Using tags = categorizing your contacts. That’s a big reason why folks are using a CRM, to categorize and label their contacts for easy lookup. So why didn’t we already have a few support articles around tags? Perhaps because they are so simple I was overlooking a lot of their value. And their value has increased a lot recently.  I figured it’s time to right this wrong and give tags some much deserved love! Tags help keep things organized Super useful to begin…

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Gmail Automation Blog Header

Email Automation Now Available in Batchbook

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We’ve recently added the ability to send personalized emails from Batchbook via Gmail. This is great for one-off communication. Sometimes you want to send the same message to a group of contacts, or schedule your messages to be automatically sent. With our latest update to our CRM automations, you can do just that. Announcing email automation in Batchbook!

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Canned responses

A Fresh Approach to
Canned Responses

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Canned responses are a useful tool in your email arsenal. They are fast and convenient, but if you don’t pay attention, they can easily go stale. These ideas will keep your emails fresh and interesting to your clients. Benefits of using canned responses include: Respond quickly Connect with more people in a shorter amount of time Avoid silly typos and grammar mistakes Get better results by optimizing your message

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template screen 2

Email Templates and Merge Fields, Oh My

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Right on the heels of our new Gmail integration, we’ve got a couple more new things, email templates and merge fields. Email Templates If you use the Gmail integration to send your emails from Batchbook, you can now set up email templates. This will save you time, helping you reach even more people with your message.

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Save Time with Our New Gmail Integration

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If you use Gmail to manage your business email, then our new Gmail integration is for you. You can now connect Gmail to Batchbook, and send your emails without ever leaving your CRM. This is part one of several features related to Gmail, and its focus is saving you time. Gmail in Your CRM It’s a simple thing, but we think Gmail CRM integration is going to leave you starry-eyed. Click on a contact’s email address to open the email editor. You don’t have to worry about leaving Batchbook to send that quick email. The email sends from your connected Gmail address. A communication is then created on your contact’s detail page. Replies will still come into your Gmail inbox,…

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