Take Action from Your Inbox

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Since we know that you have a lot to get done, we decided to make managing your Batchbook tasks a little easier. You live in your email inbox, so that’s where we focused our efforts with this latest update to the to-do feature in Batchbook.

Get More Info in Task Notifications and Reminders

For starters, we’ve pumped up the amount of information you get when you get a to-do notification or reminder. Previously, we would email to tell you about the task and direct you back to Batchbook to look at it. Now, you can view the task and description, as well as contact info for any contacts associated with the task, right in your email.

Have a task to call on a customer? When you get the reminder email on your smartphone, you can now just click on the contact’s phone number and place the call.


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Boost Sales with Live Chat

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Have you been thinking about adding live chat to your website? More and more sites seem to have a live chat option, so you might be wondering if it would benefit your business to offer it. We were wondering too, so we thought we’d ask the live chat experts from SnapEngage to show us how to “Use Live Chat to Boost Sales and Increase Conversion Rates” in our Sales Guide.

“44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a web site can offer.”

Things you can learn from this guide:

  • Why engagement matters
  • How to develop a game plan
  • What’s the best timing for live chat
  • How to connect with the right person

The guide is a wealth of information for small businesses thinking about using live chat on their website. We hope it will give you the insight you need to move forward and connect customers with real live members of your staff.

Do you use live chat on your site? Are you thinking of implementing it in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Get More Done From Contact Preview

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In Batchbook, the contact preview screen is already one of the most useful places to spend your time. From here, you can view all your contacts, or filter down to see just a segment of contacts who need your attention today. We’ve just released a couple of updates for this section of the app that should make your work even easier.

New Sorting Options


Now you can sort your contacts by the date they were created or the date they were last updated.

This could be useful if you need to see your longest standing customers, or your members who have not been active recently, or new clients who need onboarding. I’m sure you’ll figure out lots of other great uses for this sort option too!

View More About Your Contacts (And Do More Too)


In addition to the new sorting options, we’ve added 3 new widgets to your contact preview. Now, if you are browsing through contacts, you will be able to quickly see any communications, open to-dos, or deals that you have with any contact.

This will help you see which contacts are active and which might need attention. And when they do need attention, it is easier than ever to take action.

Whether you are a manager looking through new leads and assigning out follow up tasks, or a sales rep sending emails to contacts that are in the middle of your sales process, or a volunteer reaching out to members for a donation drive, having more of this info on the browse list will save you a ton of time.

Complete To-Dos from More Locations


You can now complete a task right from the to-do widget on the contact record or the dashboard.

Since you often need to go to the contact page to get your task done, we thought it made sense to let you mark it done from there as well. No more remembering to go back to your to-do list to complete items.

This should help you keep that list of tasks managed. Whether you are working from the dashboard, the contact browse or contact detail page, or directly from your to-do list, checking things off will now be much quicker.

Please let me know what you think of these new features, and look for even more updates soon!

Creating “WOW” Experiences After the Sale is Made

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You know that good customer service is an important part of doing business. Follow-up after the sale is one of the ways you can make customers feel special and confirm that they made the right choice by choosing to buy from you. Whether their purchase was large or small, a heartfelt “Thank You” will go a long way in creating a long term relationship with your customers, and repeat business or referrals as well.

We have a new article in our Sales Guide written by Gregory Ciotti from Help Scout that will give you some ideas on how to improve your customer service. Some of the tips shared are:

  • How to give customers a real “Thank You” and why it’s important
  • How to add personality to the emails you send to customers
  • How the content you create can help your customers succeed

We’re really happy to have Help Scout contribute to the Sales Guide because their philosophy on customer service is so similar to ours. We’d love to hear what you think of “Creating “WOW” Experiences After the Sale is Made” and whether it was helpful for you.

Help Scout also has a great blog where you can learn even more about how to give your customers the best experience ever!



How Online Forms Help You Generate and Nurture Leads

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Sure, you know it’s important to collect contact info from potential and current customers. But it really isn’t easy to gather the information while you’re busy running your business. Online forms are an excellent way for people who are interested in your products or services to easily give you their contact info so you can follow up.

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#FavFeature: To-Dos Help My Team Get Stuff Done

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We’re polling Batchbook employees and users alike to find out which features are your favorites and to provide advanced tips for using them. If you have a favorite feature or tip, please email us at help@batchblue.com with the subject line #Favfeature.

Ah To-Do’s, how would I ever get anything done on time without you? To-Do’s are a favorite in Batchbook of many folks for just that reason: they help keep us on track!

60% of Batchbook users are using To-Dos regularly

Quick Look at Tasks from the Dashboard

So what makes To-Do’s in Batchbook particularly handy? First, I love having our To-Dos right on the Dashboard so that I can get moving quickly as soon as I log in. It’s a great quick-start to the day!


Team Based Task Management

As I hop over to the To-Do tab for a more in depth look at my tasks, it’s helpful being able to see not only what I’m personally working on, but what’s on my team’s plate as well.


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