Improving the Social In Our Social CRM

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socialBye bye summer sand, iced teas, and lobster rolls! Hello heads-down focus, back-to-school friends, and ye olde routine!

In the spirit of fall’s hunkered-down-hard-work vibe, we’re wondering about what you’ve got in the works, both big and small. Maybe you’re planning new adventures or products or fun contests. Maybe you’re getting organized and looking for a cheer squad or resources. Specifics aside, we’ve got a hunch that your plans have a social media component. Since we can’t always meet up for coffee (one can dream), let’s get social to keep in touch, share ideas, resources and shout outs.

As a social CRM company, we’re always looking for ways to improve our social side. Whether it’s with new social integrations, tools for managing social communications or just some fun new conversations, we’re interested in more ways to connect and continue improving our small business CRM.

Share Your Stories

We’d love it if you’d take a sec to fill out this quick survey on the role social media plays in helping run your business.

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We’ll Share Results

We’ll be sure to share the useful tips we gather so you can benefit too! There’s little we love more than buying what our customers are selling & then being a little shouty about it because – c’mon – we can’t help that you’re so cool.

Don’t forget to friend and follow any or all of our social accounts for early-access to product updates, contests, and small business tips – we’ll be right quick to friend and follow you back!

Team Pricing for a Team Effort

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No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.

~ John Donne

To paraphrase John Donne, we are all in this together. Building a business is a team effort. It starts the day the entrepreneurial lightbulb goes off and you need someone to bounce ideas off, until the day you need to hire an HR manager because you have so many people involved in helping you build your small business. Three years ago when we launched the new version of Batchbook we reorganized our pricing structure around this concept of team involvement in customer relationships and offered unlimited users in all of our plans. We call it relationship based pricing and feel that it better reflects our focus as a small business crm on the quality of relationships your team is building, not on the number of sales folks you have on payroll.

Over the past three years we’ve seen the average number of users in Batchbook accounts more than triple. In our most recent customer survey we learned that 60% of respondents use Batchbook primarily to, “organize all my data in one place and share it with a team”.  This team sharing is what a CRM for small business should encourage. We are thrilled to see it is resonating with our customers and continue to support this group effort with our unlimited users pricing plans.


The New Price Point

But we also heard from a group of new customers that unlimited users at $55/month is just not affordable when first starting out. So starting this week we have launched a new Start-up pricing plan that includes 2 users and 5,000 contacts for $33/month paid annually or $39/month paid monthly.

Why 2 users in the entry plan? Even when first starting out, you need help. Whether it is a finance person, a creative person, a marketing person or just a phone answerer, you need someone, and eventually a team of someones to help get your business off the ground. You need a sidekick, a yin to your yang, whatever you call them, just don’t go it alone. And if you want your business to grow, you need to all be openly sharing this information in your customer database so that all team members stay on the same page.


Available to Existing Customers

This new pricing plan is available to any eligible customers.  If you have 2 or less users and under 5,000 contacts (we only count people records, company records are freebies) you have the option to downgrade to this plan under Settings > Plan > View More Plans.

If you have any questions or need help, just reach out to and we are happy to get you on the right plan. Please let us know what else we can do to help your team stay connected in Batchbook.

Batchbook Follow-up Tool is Now Available Within Eventbrite Extensions

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Event Follow-up Tools

Eventbrite helps you run a successful event. The new Batchbook Extension for Eventbrite helps you turn that successful event into lifelong happy relationships.

What Does it Do?

The new Batchbook Follow-Up tool extension tool in the Eventbrite Spectrum marketplace lets event planners seamlessly move back and forth between Eventbrite and Batchbook to manage the post-event follow-ups and ongoing marketing efforts more efficiently.

From within Eventbrite, event planners will now be able to:

  • Create a Batchbook account directly within Eventbrite.
  • Sync new attendee and event information directly to Batchbook.
  • Save past events in Batchbook instantly.
  • Link over to your Batchbook account without a separate login process.

And with data synced into Batchbook, event planners can:

  • Quickly see who needs a follow-up first after the event.
  • Build lists for cross promoting to different segments, across diverse locations, and using many different channels.
  • Assign out follow-ups so no one falls through the cracks.
  • See an attendee’s long term attendance history, reward the loyal followers and reach out to stragglers.

How Do You Set It Up?

You can now activate and manage your Batchbook account right from within Eventbrite.


The Batchbook Follow-Up CRM tool is now listed in the “Extensions” section of your Eventbrite account.  Just click on the Batchbook page see more information about the Batchbook Extension and what it can do for you.



Click the Install App button and complete the sign-up form to create a Batchbook account that is automatically connected to your Eventbrite account.

You will immediately be able to bring any of your existing attendees and event information directly into Batchbook by selecting which events should be exported to Batchbook.


Once you tell Batchbook which contacts and events to export, these contacts immediately show up in your Batchbook account. All future attendees will automatically be saved in your Batchbook account.

How Do You Use It ?

Once you have the contact in Batchbook you can easily track communications, assign follow-ups, view social data, add them to mailing lists and so much more.



Detailed information about every event that a person has attended is automatically saved in Batchbook along with any team communications, outstanding follow-ups, ongoing sales deals, contracts and so much more.


You will also be able to cross promote to different groups based on a number of different criteria:

  • attendance at a past event
  • ticket type from a past event (all speakers, etc.)
  • not yet registered for a current event
  • geographic location
  • contacts imported from e-mail lists, social channels or spreadsheets
  • and more



Keep the Relationships Going!

One of our biggest goals is for Batchbook to be your organization’s contact info hub. Contact data that’s important to you and your work should be recorded and searchable in Batchbook, because when all that priceless info is one place and fully searchable, then your relationships become richer both in value and in depth, and you do much less logging in and out of different systems to see one full picture of a contact’s history with you.

Rich relationships drive a meaningful life and a successful business, and we want to help you to have both.

Build a Loyalty List with Batchbook

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loyalty-listIt’s no secret that businesses value loyal customers above the rest. They keep coming back for more and rave about you to their friends. They have both a financial and an emotional impact on your business. It’s hard not to love them.

The easiest way to instantly look up, report on and all-out pamper your loyal besties is to create a Batchbook list just for them.

You give loyalty, you’ll get it back. You give love, you’ll get it back.

Which customers are the most loyal?

First, you’ll want to decide how you define loyalty. It could be anything from how often someone buys from you, how long they’ve been a customer, whether they’ve attended a recent event or have referred their friends to you.

Start by writing down your 10 favorite customers. Next, dig in a little and make a list of the things they have in common. These common characteristics are the attributes of your most loyal customers.

How to build a loyalty list

Now that you’ve got an idea of what makes loyal customers tick, you’re ready to build your Batchbook loyalty list. Start by clicking on +List from the Quick Add menu.

Loyalty add a list

Next, choose criteria to build your list with. Here are some ideas:

  • Contacts marked as champions
  • Contacts with specific tags
  • Contacts who attended an event
  • Contacts who you have communicated with in the past 30 days

Loyalty advanced search

Go ahead and click “Search” to return your list members.  Then, be sure to click “Save as list” to make it real and ever-ready.

Loyal customer list

The best part is that you only need to create this list once*, because as new people meet your loyalty criteria, they’ll be automatically added to this handy list!

* Keep in mind, this might be an ongoing process, where you add or remove more criteria later on, as your business and needs grow and change.

Reward loyalty

The point of a loyalty list is to reward loyal customers. Here are some of our favorite ways to show loyal customers how much they’re appreciated:
  • Email them special offers via MailChimp
  • Invite them to a special event in Eventbrite
  • Send a handwritten thank you note out to everyone
  • Start a customer-of-the-month reward program and randomly pick one from this list
  • Tag everyone on the list so that sales reps know to treat them extra special

Rewarding loyalty is a great way to say thanks and to gain social and word-of-mouth momentum. This group of customers are most likely to talk about you to their friends and to buy more from you. Go ahead and test this out by building a loyalty list and using it to engage in more and fun ways.  We think you’ll be delighted with the results.


It’s Party Time! Eventbrite Integration Update

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We want it to be super easy to get the info you need into Batchbook. Whether you’re importing from a webform, connecting your email marketing software, or sending data to your accounting software, we want Batchbook to be a useful hub for all the info that’s coming and going.

To this end, we recently upgraded our Eventbrite integration, making it a hands-off connection that does the heavy lifting for you.

Searchable event details

Most importantly, useful event details are now imported from Eventbrite right into Batchbook.


Quickly see:

  • Whether the contact registered for your event
  • Whether they attended
  • What ticket type they ordered
  • A link back to the event dashboard in Eventbrite

Storing info like this in Batchbook means that you can search and build lists based on it!  Need to see everyone who came to your June event? Easy-peasy. Want to put folks who bought your Premium Package on a special mailing list in MailChimp? Can do.

Each event gets its own custom field set, so you can easily find everyone who attended an event, or drill down to some of those more specific segments, like which kind of ticket they ordered.


Automatic order updates

After you connect the integration, any new attendees who get a ticket will automatically be added to or updated in Batchbook, along with their event details.

This keeps your contact hub current with the latest details on who’s coming to which event. And remember, you can filter right on the contact page to see everyone who registered. Just find the event name in the Custom Field Sets section.


All the other good stuff, too

Even though this is an upgrade, we’ve been careful to keep all the features you’ve come to rely on, like:

We hope you enjoy these upgrades as much as we have.  Let us know what you think!

Batch Editing Custom Fields Just Got Easier

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CFSCustom fields are the perfect place to store unique information about contacts. That information is searchable and highly useful as you work to build great relationships with your contacts.

Sometimes, you may need to update custom fields for a group of contacts. We’ve just made this exceptionally easy to do in Batchbook.

Introducing if/then criteria for managing custom fields

Now, when you batch edit contacts and select to manage their custom fields, you’ll have the option to add “if” criteria. When that criteria is met, and only then, your changes will go through. This makes it possible for you to make all kinds of useful and very specific changes.

For instance, let’s say you are retiring from the sales field and need to assign all your contacts to the hot new hire you just made. You also have a couple other sales reps who work part time, and you want them to keep their existing contacts. You can simply do a batch edit to change any assigned to fields that have your name to your new sales rep’s name. Easy peasy.

Batch Edit CFS

You can do all sorts of useful things with this tool. Some examples include:

  • You have a new sales rep and you want to reassign a bunch of contacts to her
  • You have a list of people who checked in at your event and you want to mark them all as attended
  • You’ve changed the names of the steps in your lead workflow and need to update them for all contacts
  • You want to add a region to all of your contacts for easier segmenting

Makes managing multiple instances of a custom field easier

If you use multiple instances of a custom field set on your contacts, this new update will be especially helpful for you. Let’s say you record event attendance for your contacts, and they tend to come to multiple events.

Now, you can just make updates to a specific event. Want to mark a group of contacts as registered for an event. Just include the event name or any other unique identifier in the “if” criteria. The updates will then only be made for matching events.

Batch edit cfs 2

How to get going with this new feature

Ready to try this out for yourself? You bet you are! This feature is part of our Batch Actions. To find the Batch Actions menu, just click the check box next to a contact’s name on the Contact Browse page or on your Advanced Search results. This will open the Batch Actions menu, where you can select “Manage Custom Fields”, and then click on “Edit”.

Batch actions

When you do, you’ll be able to choose which custom field set to edit, and then you’ll be able to choose criteria for your edits.

This is an advanced feature, but when you need it, we think you’ll find it super useful.



Add Your Wufoo Contact Form Entries to Batchbook

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wufooSo you have a Wufoo contact us form on your website. That’s a great way to collect information about new contacts and leads. Where does that information currently go? Just to your email? Tsk tsk.

We’ve set up a special Zapier Shared Zap to make it painless to hook up your Wufoo form to Batchbook.

You already have a Wufoo account and a Batchbook account. Now all you need is a free starter account with Zapier and you can get these two great products working together. Once it’s connected, every new Wufoo form entry will create a new person in Batchbook, where you can add other contact info and build a great relationship from the get go.

Set it up

Just head over to our Wufoo page to get connected. Click to connect a simple contact us form. You’ll be taken step by step through a short connection process, where you will be able to choose which form to use and what info from that form you want to bring into Batchbook. In just a couple of minutes, you’ll be connected!

Wufoo SC 2

Useful data coming in

Once you connect your contact us form, that contact data will show up in Batchbook automatically. It won’t be buried in your email inbox anymore!

Now, you can get right to work following up with that contact. Send them an email or give them a call, and record notes right in Batchbook. As your relationship progresses, keep updating their contact record in Batchbook. Your whole team can collaborate on things like to-dos, deals, and communications. And it all starts with that first web form entry.

Connect some more

You can use this connection multiple times for any forms that you create. Combine your forms with Batchbook custom fields to bring in all sorts of interesting details about your contacts. Connecting your contact us form is just the beginning.

Let us know how you use this Wufoo to Batchbook connection!

Export Affiliations into Separate Columns

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Batchbook affiliations connect contacts in meaningful ways. We see all sorts of uses for them. Maybe you need to link together customers who have been referred with their referrers. Or perhaps you need to keep track of spouses, parents, kids, students, teachers and more.

Affiliations widgets

Connected contacts show up on the Affiliations widget

Improved Exporting

It’s often helpful to export those contacts out into a spreadsheet so you can report on your affiliations. We’ve made that export more useful. We now include each affiliation in it’s own column with a header that matches the affiliation type. This lets you do some quick sorting of your affiliations.

Affiliations Export

Each affiliation type now has it’s own column when exported

Have more than one affiliation on a contact? We have that covered. You’ll see a new column for each unique affiliation type.

Affiliations family

Export all the affiliation types for each contact into separate columns

This lets you better organize your affiliated contacts. Use the export to discover how your contacts are connected. Find your best referral partners. Build classroom or team lists, and more.

How do you use affiliations? How will this update help you?

How to run a successful customer survey

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As part of my Product Manager job, I get to find out how customers are feeling about Batchbook. One of the ways I do this is with a quarterly customer survey.

These surveys provide a ton of useful information to us as we continue to work on making Batchbook better.

Of course, the benefit of getting direct feedback from customers is not unique to us, so I thought I would share my process for running a survey and collecting and acting on its data. I hope you find it helpful.

Survey the right people

First off, the success of a survey really depends on sending it to the right people. I focus on users who have been active in Batchbook recently. This includes both long time users and new ones, so I get a wide range of views.

There are lots of ways to create your segment. Batchbook is a great option. Using advanced search, you can really drill down to a group of customers that you want to participate in your survey. You can then send those contacts to a handy email tool like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign. Read More

Making Sales Without Selling Your Soul

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workshopWe’ve spent the past 8 years working with thousands of businesses, helping them understand and organize the process of selling their product or service, from pitch to customer support. While we’ve learned that one size doesn’t fit all, we’ve curated a healthy list of best sales practices that perform well across industries and not-so-best practices that should be avoided.

Come join our Small Business Sales Workshop on Thursday, May 28th, from 1pm – 3pm ET, and work directly with our CEO and other small businesses to create a plan to sell more in a way that makes sense for your industry and feels right to you.

We’re ready to go where the conversation leads, but here’s the agenda that’ll structure the workshop and get things going:

    • Commit to a Sales Plan
    • Build a Sales Process
    • Find Your Leads
    • Pitch a Winner
    • Follow Up Like You Mean It
    • Hand Off the Sale
    • The Importance of Being Friendly

Here’s how you can join us:

All existing Batchbook customers on an annual payment plan get the workshop for FREE. Hooray!  We’ll email a promo code to you soon.

Sign up for a new Batchbook account this month and get the workshop for FREE. We’ll email a promo code after your account is created.

Even if you’re not a Batchbook customer, you can still check out the workshop & come away with a personalized plan for making tons of sales. Get a ticket here.

We’re so excited to offer this opportunity, and we can’t wait to meet you and hash out how you can sell more and feel good doing it!