BatchBook now with sync: Gmail, Freshbooks, Shoeboxed

Just a really quick announcement that today we’re launching beta versions of BatchBook sync with Gmail, Freshbooks and Shoeboxed. Half of the team is at SXSW in Austin getting the word out, the other half has been up for about six days and I suspect may be sleeping.

So now you can sync your BatchBook contacts with your Gmail contacts, you can track outstanding Freshbooks client invoices from within your BatchBook account, and you can finally do something with all those pesky business cards you’ve amassed over the past year by sending them into Shoeboxed, then importing the csv file into BatchBook. Here are the brand new related FAQs with all the nuts and bolts.

What we’re REALLY excited about as a developing result of these partnerships is something we’re calling the Small Business Web. More details to follow but at a high level, it’s a way for small businesses to have greater access to and ease of use with their data using all the cool web apps out there that like-minded, customer-obsessed companies like ours are building for them. Fun stuff!

Have to head out in search of coffee. Let us know what you think of SYNC!

Update: More from Sean, our VP of Tech, over on the Support Forum.

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  • Michelle / chelpixie

    If you weren’t all sleeping/gone to TX, I’d hug you all.

    I can haz syncs. 😀

  • John-Scott Dixon

    Hey guys – noble effort! I am seeing a few bugs here and there as it relates to Gmail sync:

    1. number is different between Gmail BatchBlue Group and BatchBlue.
    2. when I move contacts out of the Gmail BatchBlue Group, they persist in BatchBlue (even after resync).

    Just an FYI – this is going to be hot!

  • Jennifer Simmons

    Great! So a really cool product (FreshBooks) teams up with an okay product (Shoeboxed) and a bunch of products that are like sub-prime credit cards (all the others). Yeah wonderful integration, try and make those of us that use quality services, such as QuickBooks, AWeber or Salesforce switch to a lower quality service for ease of integration.

    If you ask me it is a bunch of people trying to ride on FreshBooks coattails and they are letting them.

  • Michelle Riggen-Ransom

    Hi Jennifer-

    Those of us who are working hard on the “sub-prime” offerings actually think our products are pretty great, and a nice complement to the services that each other has to offer. Our goal at BatchBlue has always been to help small business owners, as we are a small business ourselves. If you read our blog, check our customer forums or even try out our product, I think you’d find that’s true.

    We recognize that there are many other products out there and that some might be a better fit for you. You definitely have an interesting perspective – thanks for sharing!


  • Ville

    I’d love to see the mailchimp integration deepened since I believe mailchimp has greatly improved what’s possible via their api since the initial work to integrate the two was done?

  • Lyndon Apthorpe

    Jennifer Simmons, please choose from the following options:
    1. I am bitter about the decision I have made in the software I use
    2. I have shares in the above mentioned software companies and can’t stand the threat of the reduction in price
    3. I am an employee of one of the above mentioned companies
    4. I have too much time on my hands.

    For what purpose does your message intend to improve. At least the great people at Batchblue, Shoeboxed, Freshbooks, Google and Mailchimp understand the importance of not wasting time with pointless rubbish. I must say, the tools you use must be quite amazing if you have got all that time on your hands looking for something to complain about.
    I have already spent too much time addressing your ridiculous unproductive point of view.
    Hi guys at Batchblue, I am new to your service and really love the focus on making small business tick a little more smoothly than most currently are.
    Software with a personal touch, I love the new generation software companies.
    Keep up the good work and appropriate partnerships.
    My life just got a whole lot easier.