Connect Batchbook and FreshBooks

FreshBooks integrates with Batchbook

We have a new FreshBooks integration for Batchbook that will help you keep your contacts up to date between your CRM and accounting software. FreshBooks was one of the more popular integrations in Batchbook Classic, so we are super pumped to announce it for the new Batchbook!

We’ve teamed up with Zapier to bring you this new integration. This means you can customize the integration to your needs. You can:

  • Create a new client in FreshBooks for every new contact you add in Batchbook
  • Create a new contact in Batchbook for every new client you add in FreshBooks
  • Create a new contact in Batchbook for every new invoice you add in FreshBooks
  • Use filters to create contacts only when certain criteria are met, like invoice amount over a certain number


Zapier integrations are really easy to set up, so all it takes is you deciding which way you want to send your contacts. Do you want every new Batchbook contact added to FreshBooks so you can have the correct data already there when you are ready to invoice? Or do you prefer to add contacts to Batchbook after you add them to your FreshBooks contacts list? It’s up to you.

All you need for this integration is a Batchbook and FreshBooks account and a free Zapier account. If you sign up through Batchbook, you will get 5 free integrations as well as 200 tasks per month. You can learn more about the nifty new integration and set up your Zapier account here.


About Brad Shimp

Bradford is Batchbook's Product Manager. His job is to continually improve our product to make it even more useful to users like you.