Drag and Drop Imports, Oooooh Yeah!

To say we are excited about our newest feature, drag and drop imports, would be a bit of an understatement. We are jumping out of our socks over here! Once you try it out, you will be too!!

I won’t waste too many words describing drag and drop importing, because it has to be seen to be believed. Watch the video below and then go try it out for yourself. It’s an evolution in importing, and it will save you a lot of time when bringing in new contacts to Batchbook.

Here’s the skinny:

Import any vCard file into Batchbook by dragging it in.

  • This will import the data and map it automatically.
  • You’ll get contact info, notes, and social data already hooked up!

Import a CSV spreadsheet into Batchbook by, yep, dragging it in.

  • You will go right to the mapping screen, where you can match up your fields.
  • Social profile info (Twitter and Facebook) will be hooked up automatically.

Keep it old fashioned if you like.

  • You can still start an import by clicking on the Import button in Batchbook
  • You can now select vCards as a source to import from, as well as CSV files, MailChimp, Xero, Eventbrite and Disqus.
  • When you have social profile info in your vCard or CSV file, it will be hooked up and ready to go when you view the contact.


Check out the video:

About Brad Shimp

Bradford is Batchbook's Product Manager. His job is to continually improve our product to make it even more useful to users like you.

  • Heather Hollick

    Does the “Drag and Drop” import work on a Mac?

    I left Batchbook because I couldn’t get it to import the vCards created by the Address Book on a Mac. I’ll come back if this now works.

    • http://www.cazoomi.com/ Clint Wilson

      This would be cool if so:)


    • bradshimp

      Yes, this works both on Mac and PC!