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Social CRM Empowers CreativitySome people may think it’s easy to work in a creative agency. A common perception is that it is a free-wheeling, energy drink fueled environment where you get paid for being creative. Other people think creative agencies are staffed by imaginary people. The fact is, while it is certainly fun to work on creative projects, you still have the pressure of delivering the goods to your clients.

Those clients can often be picky and fickle, with very particular tastes. Whether you are shooting video, designing a website or advertising campaign, or creating awesome t-shirts, you need to find a way to stay organized so you can give your clients what they want, and on time.

Social CRM is a tool that can help you get organized around your clients’ needs. It gives you a central location to store all of your contact data and manage the relationship. Social CRM also helps you facilitate ongoing conversations with your clients, so the information you have about them isn’t just collecting dust.

Delivering great creative isn’t just about a light bulb moment.

Here are some of the ways you can use social CRM to keep your creative team organized and on task:

Get to know your clients

When getting to know clients, it’s all about the details. Things that they mention in that first conversation may become pretty important later on when you are ready to deliver your creative project. For instance, if your client tells you that they really hate the color orange, you may want to think twice before delivering a web design with a bright orange background.

Social CRM gives you a place to keep those details where your whole team can refer to them. With Batchbook’s custom fields, you can keep track of every piece of information that will help you deliver your project successfully.


Keep your team on task

Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You’re team works together to give the best results. But with a lot of different projects on their plates, it is easy to get distracted.

To help projects stay on task, you can keep organized with tasks and workflows in your CRM. Batchbook makes it easy to assign tasks to any team member, and with custom field sets, you can keep track of milestones for your clients’ projects.

Store past work and visuals

With creative work, you are sure to generate files and clippings for each client. By having all of your past work and designs that your clients like at easy reach, you can easily get into the zone when working on a new project.

You need to be able to tie these files to specific clients. With Batchbook, you can upload files right to a contact’s record, creating an easy to access file.

Make sure you get paid on time

After toiling over a creative project, making countless tweaks and working toward a final deliverable, you need to get paid. Staying on top of invoicing is just as important as managing project milestones.

A social CRM that is connected to your accounting software can help you get paid on time. With Batchbook’s integration with Xero, you can see which clients have outstanding invoices and how much they still owe. If a client is a little late to pay, you can easily assign a To-Do to remember to break their legs follow up with them.

Stay in touch so you can get paid again

When you deliver your project and your client raves about it, you know you have a great chance of working with them again. By keeping in touch with your past clients, you can continue to build the relationship and get more projects to work on.

With lots of great methods of communication, from email to social media, to lunch meetings, you will want to keep track of everything in one place. Social CRM helps you keep the conversation alive with past clients so you are the first one they call when they have more work. Follow your clients on social networks, invite them to sign up for your newsletter, and create a list of past customers who you haven’t talked to in awhile so you can reach out to them.

By focusing on your client relationships, you can keep your creative agency humming along, staying on task and consistently getting new work from past clients and referrals. Good customer service goes a long way toward making your clients happy, especially when dealing with creative projects that can sometimes be judged subjectively.

Delivering a great creative isn’t just about a light bulb moment. You need to get to know your client, work together as a team to craft a perfect design, stay on task , and not the least, build the client relationship. Social CRM helps you to pull everything you need to do this into one central place. Its the tool you need to keep your creative agency organized.

Batchbook is a flexible social CRM that will help you stay creative while staying organized. Learn more.

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