Sprucing Up Batchbook

May is just around the corner, the cherry blossoms are blooming, birds are chirping, bees are buzzing… Best of all, it’s time for SPRING CLEANING! Some of you may have heard that we’ve been working behind the scenes to make things prettier and better for our app. Today marks the launch of Batchbook’s new look!

Product - Newsletter 1

Batchbook is pretty powerful and has many features – For new users especially, this can be a lot to take in. Our task was to improve our users’ experience without moving things around or requiring them to learn anything new. We chose to focus on reducing clutter, increasing legibility, and establishing consistency.

Keep It Simple

Often the biggest obstacle to tackle in any spring cleaning is clutter. Visual clutter adds cognitive load for the viewer, which means more time needed for the mind to process. We worked toward keeping cognitive load to a minimum, removing extra background layers and spacing things out just a tad. Our goal was to give the user’s information room to breathe, making it feel easily accessible and allowing them to get their work done faster.

Layers: Before/After


With Batchbook, you can view, edit, and organize a lot of data in a small amount of space. It’s important to us to make that data as easy to read as possible. In order to do that, we switched our font from Helvetica Neue to Open Sans, and increased the font size just a bit throughout. Making text easier to read also reduces cognitive load and eye fatigue – Every little bit helps!
Contact List before/after

Make It Pretty

After all that clutter was out of the way, we brought in a simple palette, adding color and breathing new life into the app!


As usual, we will be working every day to make Batchbook better and better. Log in, have a look around, and enjoy our new look. This is just the beginning, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!


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  • http://www.guddina.com/ Tim Stiffler-Dean

    Very nice work! I love that you guys are actively making small updates like this. Everything feels much cleaner and less cluttered, which allows me to focus on my relationships and tasks. Keep it up!

  • http://batchbook.com/support/ Jen

    Hi Tim, thank you so much for the nice feedback! We are excited about the changes and happy to hear you like them too! Have a great evening ~ Jen – Batchbook Customer Experience

  • Bill Treloar

    Is Batchbook Classic not being similarly freshened? The changes look terrific … maybe it’s time for me to upgrade. Where can I learn about the differences and how to upgrade?

    • batchblog

      Hello Bill, Thanks we think the changes look great too! I’m going to email you with more details about the new system and upgrading.

  • Bridget O’Brien

    The font is nice, but we’ve lost any sort of delineation between our custom fields – they look as if they all sort of all run together now, which is not awesome.

    • Jillian Krause

      Hello Bridget, Thank you for the feedback I’ll be sure to share this with our team to take into consideration.

    • batchblog

      Hey Bridget – We took your feedback and updated the differentiation between custom fields and custom field sets, so that they should be easier to read now. The update just went out today! Let us know if that helps.

    • Kay Bell

      Hey Bridget – We’ve gone ahead and updated Batchbook today to create better differentiation between custom fields and custom field sets. Hopefully this helps! Log in and let us know.

      • Bridget O’Brien

        That is helpful – thank you!!

  • KCH

    These are great improvements!

    • batchblog

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    • http://batchbook.com/support/ Jen

      Thanks! We’re glad you like them and we appreciate the feedback! Have a great day ~ Jen – Batchbook Customer Experience

  • music works

    I was told the new batchbook doesn’t have a calendar is that correct ? If todo’s are the only way to enter a time based event, will there be a stop and end time that we can set so that if we subscribe to the todo feed the subscribers can see the start and stop time ?

    • http://batchbook.com/support/ Jen

      Hello! I saw that you emailed in as well, so I went ahead and sent a reply your way. :) If there is anything further we can help with, please let us know! Have a great day ~ Jen