Inspiring Entrepreneurship at WomanCon

Are you a Batchbook customer? You should know that we love you. Sure, everyone says that, but it’s really true!

Nothing makes the Batchbook team happier than hearing stories about our customers and your successes. Our customer experience folks share the nice things that you say about Batchbook with our whole team. They send out links to customers’ businesses, so we can all see who we’re working with and all the interesting things that people like you are doing.

Occasionally one of us meets a customer In Real Life™ , and it’s a cause for celebration. So when Pamela got invited to share her story at WomanCon, she knew it wouldn’t just be about her but about you too!


story cards


Next Wednesday, when she speaks about her entrepreneurial experience at WomanCon in NYC, she’ll be sprinkling in a few customer stories. We’ve also asked some brilliant women to share a brief paragraph about what inspires them and how they started their journey as entrepreneurs. We had the stories printed on cards so every attendee at WomanCon will get one to be inspired by. Since we know not everyone will make it to NYC next week, I wanted to share the stories here as well.

Alethea Fitzpatrick


When I first became a mom, I fell in love with the process and experience of photographing my new baby. I decided not to return to my career as an architect, but instead started my own photography business, first as a family photographer, and then as a photography coach for parents. I heard from a lot of parents who loved photographing their kids too, but were frustrated with the results, and overwhelmed with what to do with their photos. My passion is to help parents take better photos and more fully experience the precious fleeting moments of their children’s lives through photography. Helping a parent who has been so stuck and frustrated achieve breakthroughs never ceases to amaze and delight me!

Becky McCray

Small Biz Survival

Living in a remote rural area could be called a disadvantage, but I’ve treated it as a strength. Besides my liquor store and my family cattle ranch, I’ve used my small town sense of community to build connections online. Now I speak to international events on rural small business and co-authored an award-winning book, Small Town Rules.

Michelle Ward

When I Grow Up Coach

I help creative women get out of their soul-sucking, energy-draining jobs and into work that feels like play (while still being a grown-up). I’ve done it myself, transitioning out of a Corporate America cubicle (& letting go of my 20 year old dreams of being on Broadway) & into my full-time dream career. I’ve done it for others, coaching ~250 clients personally through their creative career transitions, and hundreds (thousands?) more through my workshops, courses, and workbooks.

Rebecca Rescate

HoodiePillow / CitiKitty / Rebecca Rescate

Its easy to see now, 8 years in, why I started my own business. I have been passionate about the branding and marketing of consumer goods for my lifetime. Start- ing my own business enabled me pursue this passion on my own without waiting for permission, promotion or anymore time to pass. Life is short, go after what you love before another day goes by.

Rosi Amador

Amador Bilingual Voiceovers

I’m a passionate creative solopreneur who recently shifted careers, from singing Latin music with my band for 25 years, to recording voiceovers. As a Latina woman living in the U.S. I always dreamed of using my flawless native Spanish and English, bi-culturalism and love of acting, to serve causes I believe in and to connect with others. I put my spoken voice behind messages that enlighten, motivate and inspire North Americans and Latinos alike. It’s truly a dream come true! I get to be home to parent our twin teenage daughters before they go to college and I am truly grateful despite the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Susana Fonticoba

I began my business as a computer tutor in 2004 with no knowledge of how to run a business whatsoever. Through the years, relying on the wealth of support from my peers in the NJ Association of Women Business Owners, I’ve been able to survive economic challenges and thrive by keeping my business model nimble. Today I mostly concentrate on providing Online Marketing services to clients although I still help them on-board with many of today’s tech tools. I believe you have to listen to what your target market is asking for – with their purchasing dollars – and be ready to augment your services to provide it.


It’s all about you…

We’d love to add your story to our blog. If you’d like to contribute, let us know. The content for WomanCon is female specific, but we’re equal opportunity story tellers here and we’d like to hear from everyone. You can also read some of our stories, if you’d like.

Interested in attending WomanCon? Who wouldn’t be? We have a discount code you can use for $50 off registration: BATCHBOOK50. Please say “hello” to Pamela if you go. The Batchbook team will be waiting to hear all about it!







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