The Secret to a Well Organized Team

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How well does your team share information? If you are like a lot of small businesses, you try hard to collaborate and get things done as a single, synchronized unit.

A well organized small business is good at passing the baton. No one person is responsible for the whole relationship, unless you are a one-person shop. The moment you add a second person, effective collaboration becomes essential.

The Problem

What stands in the way of open collaboration? It’s simple. Things end up getting stuck in one person’s head, or on sticky notes collecting dust on their desk.

In a small business, people aren’t often trying to hoard information for some ulterior motive. They simply don’t have a good system for sharing everything they need to. When information gets held up like this, it makes everyone else’s job a bit harder. And when it comes to customer relationships, it may mean dropping the ball and making a mistake that will hurt the relationship.

The Solution

To get your team organized and collaborating at a higher level, you need a place to put everything where everyone can access it. Getting information into this central database will make it accessible to whoever needs it.

Take a customer relationship, for instance. It starts most likely with sales. They will add the record in when a new customer comes on board. Once the sale is booked, the office staff will likely take over for things like customer service and fulfillment. Not only will they need the basic contact and sale info, but they will be adding their own notes and communications as they interact with the customer. When its time to pay, the accounting folks will need to know what to bill them for and can also record new information about when they pay, if they were late, etc.

Getting information into this central database will make it accessible to whoever needs it.

A small business CRM, such as Batchbook, is perfect for this. It’s built to help a team work together on customer relationships. By having a central library of customers who need the team’s attention, a small business can avoid some of the setbacks that come with not having an organized way to share information.

The Secret

A central piece of software that is available to the whole team may be the solution, but it’s not the secret. The true secret to an organized team is buy-in. That’s right, you need to get your team on board with the idea of centralized collaboration. If any one person doesn’t buy in to using the CRM, everyone suffers.

You need to show that the benefits of having a way to collaborate on customer relationships outweigh the costs of spending time to put information into the software. Remind the team the customer is the end game. By being well organized as a team, they can provide the best customer experience and build solid relationships that will help grow your business.

The true secret to an organized team is buy in.

To sweeten the pot, you can show each person how keeping a central library of customers on your small business CRM will make their job easier. For sales, it may be the ability to have contact details at the tip of the finger no matter where they are, or the social media streams that will help them get some context on a new contact. For the the office team, you may show how having a conversation history for customers will help them provide better service, or how being able to add To-Dos for themselves or assigned to a teammate will help them make sure things don’t fall through the cracks.

The point is, a good small business CRM should solve problems for everyone on your team. Once they see that, it will be easier to get that all important buy-in. And when everyone is forwarding in emails, adding customer details, and collaborating to make sure tasks get done on time, you will have achieved organized bliss as a team!

Don’t forget, Batchbook offers unlimited users on any account level, so you can get everyone collaborating in one place!


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