Event Follow-Up Is So Easy With Batchbook

Batchbook for Eventbrite saves time and turns events into powerful business opportunities

Make Every Event a Smashing Success

Collect and organize all of your attendee info into one sweet place, and then follow up like you mean it to turn your events into powerful business opportunities.

  • Follow up and keep in touch for event feedback, sponsorships and engagement
  • Registrants are added to Batchbook automatically
  • Access a full, searchable event history by attendee or company
  • Cross promote events to different audiences
  • Psst: we work great with MailChimp and lots of your other apps

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A Lean, Mean, List-Building Machine

Find exactly who you need and send that perfectly-curated list of contacts to Eventbrite or MailChimp quicker than you can say “woo-hoo!”

  • Save and tag attendee lists in Batchbook for quick access and accurate reporting
  • Add Batchbook contacts to Eventbrite email lists at any time
  • Create new email lists in Eventbrite right from Batchbook

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Beyond Basics

  • Compare speakers, staff, and attendees year-over-year
  • Email offers to a specific group of event attendees
  • Tag registrants and attendees to stay organized

Works Great For

  • Fundraisers
  • Meetings
  • Tastings
  • Start-Ups
  • Universities
  • Venues

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