Make Your Events a Smashing Success!

Keep track of everyone after the event.

A CRM for Eventbrite

Follow up with all of your event attendees.

  • Invite just the right contacts from Batchbook.
  • Manage your tickets and RSVPs in Eventbrite.
  • Wow them with your follow-up after the event.

Organize Your Events with Batchbook 30 Days Free

Starting a New Event is Easy …

Batchbook helps you invite just the right people.

  1. Grab a list from Batchbook of people who match specific criteria.
  2. Add contacts to Eventbrite with just a few clicks.
  3. Send your invites and start collecting RSVPs right in Eventbrite.

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… And So is Following Up

The magic happens after the event.

  1. Save attendee info from your event in Batchbook.
  2. Tag contacts by which event they attended, so you’ll know who you met, and where.
  3. Stay in touch afterwards by reaching out to people who have been to your event.

Keep Events Organized with CRM 30 Days Free