The CRM for Small Business Grow your business with better insight into your contacts and deals.
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Instant Setup Saves You Hours Time is precious. We get you going fast with exclusive drag and drop importing.
  • Drag in your CSV spreadsheet or vCard file
  • Map all your data, creating new fields on the fly
  • Turn boring spreadsheet data into rich, socially connected, contact profiles
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Batchbook Deals
Grow Your Business by Closing More Sales Easily keep track of all your deals from start to high-five!
  • View all of your pending sales in one place
  • Move each deal through a sales process that works for you
  • Bring together all of the information you need to close the sale
Stay Mobile and Work From Anywhere You are used to working on the go.
Batchbook goes with you.
  • Flexible design fits any screen
  • Have the same info on every device
  • Enjoy mobile optimized views for Contacts and Deals
Drag and Drop Contacts
Improve Your Customer Relationships
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Contact Details
Organize Every Contact Detail in One Screen See everything you know about your contacts so you'll never be left scratching your head.
  • Rich contact profiles show you everything you need to know
  • Up to the minute social data, recorded emails, and custom data
  • Keep track of deals, projects, and workflows
Stay On Top By Knowing What's Next Create happy customers by always knowing what they
need from you.
  • Build active lists to see groups of contacts who need action
  • Assign To-Dos for specific contact related tasks
  • Set up text, email, or calendar reminders for your To-Dos
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Batchbook intergrations
Accomplish More with Useful Integrations Batchbook plays well with others.
  • Integrate your account with industry leading software
  • Import and export contacts quickly
  • See helpful details right in Batchbook