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The CRM for Small Business

Grow your business with better insight into your contacts and deals.

Organize Contacts

Instant Setup

To-Dos & Lists




Organize Every Contact Detail on One Screen

Batchbook gives you quick and easy access to everything happening with this contact.

One-page customer database

Use tags to quickly group together or search for related contacts. True tag masters use tags to create contact lists, making regular tasks, like follow-up and exporting, easy and, dare we say, fun.


Save time with a handy, one-page summary of everything happening with a contact – from emails to open to-dos and the latest colleague comments – everything you need is right here.

Custom Fields

Keep track of what’s important and unique to your business with unlimited custom fields. Need to track event attendance, a reporter’s beat or purchase history? No problem. Everything stored in custom fields is fully searchable, so you can easily recall and save segments for follow up, email campaigns, exports and more.


We integrate with partners our customers find invaluable, like: MailChimp, QuickBooks, Disqus, Hootsuite, Eventbrite, Xero and more. Now you can view information from other applications without having to log into a bunch of different services.


Check out instant Twitter statuses to discover what’s top-of-mind to your customers.

Get Started in No Time

Drag and Drop

Add contacts to Batchbook immediately by dragging a vCard or CSV file onto any Batchbook page. We’ll turn those files into a detailed contact database in no time.

Import From Other Apps

Skip the file uploads and save even more time by grabbing contacts right from one of our integration partners, including MailChimp, Gmail, Google Contacts, Eventbrite, QuickBooks and Xero.

Custom Info

Have lots of custom info? You’ve come to the right place. Import all your contacts’ information into Batchbook, and we’ll create a searchable database for you, complete with all the custom fields you need.

A small business CRM knows that your time is precious.

Plenty of import options make set-up easy and fast.

Drag and drop import solution

Stay Organized and Get Things Done

Make customers happy by knowing what they need when.

Browse lists & to-dos in CRM for small businesses

Help your team manage its workflow without disrupting how they work. To-dos are wildly flexible and can be set up to work wherever you need them most – in email, sms, a calendar or on mobile. Set reminders on to-dos so that important tasks don’t go unfinished. Reminders are delivered via email or text.


Need to quickly recall which group of contacts needs follow-up? Make friends with Batchbook lists, where you can build powerful lists of contacts based on virtually any information in your account, like tags, custom fields, where the contact was imported from or even how long it’s been since the last time you spoke with a person. This is where you get down to business.

Grow Your Business by Closing More Sales

Sales Pipeline

Track new leads coming in from webforms, email marketing or social posts. Then, see all the deals in your pipeline or only those at a single stage. Move each lead and deal through a unique sales process that works for you.

Customized View

See every pending sale in one place and drill down even further to specify territory, amount, range and more. Batchbook lets you group deals together, view them side-by-side with related contact records, and even update them in bulk (or “batch” as we say around here).

Easily keep track of all your deals from start to finish.

Small business CRM deals screen

Stay Mobile and Work From Anywhere

You work on the go. Your CRM should go with you.

Social CRM for desktop and mobile

You should have access to your contacts wherever and whenever you need them, so the mobile version of Batchbook looks good and works well on all of your mobile devices. This means you can view, add and edit contacts at the beach or in line at the market. You can also place calls, send emails and access maps with the touch of a finger. Look at you go.


Our partnership with Formstack lets you build mobile-friendly forms that feed contacts right into your Batchbook database, so the list of contacts you’re seeing in Batchbook? Oh, it’s current as current can be.

Deals on the Go

Like contacts, deals look great & are fully editable on all your mobile devices. Here’s to all the sales teams using Batchbook out there in the wild to win sales and be terrific.


Task Automationbeta-ribbons2-straight

Automated CRM can create new to-dos when you complete a task or tag a record. Automate to-dos to save time and create foolproof workflows your whole team will depend on.

Email Automationbeta-ribbons2-straight

CRM email automation means that we’ll remember to send routine emails so you don’t have to. Create email automations using tags, and never worry about whether or not someone was thanked or followed up with.

Work is About to Get a Whole Lot Easier

Automated CRM settings

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