Batchbook Champions Tour

Having trouble staying in touch with your best customers?

These are the folks who loyally buy from you and refer their friends, too!
You can’t afford to ignore them. Use our Champions feature to keep these relationships fresh.

See Your Most Active Customers

With our “most active” filter, you can sort your contacts by how much you are interacting with them. This is a great way to bring current customers to the top, so they don’t fall through the cracks. Use batch actions to mark them as a Champion and keep a close eye on any communications or tasks involving your VIPs.

Tag Your Champions

When you have a customer that is special to you, simply click the gold star above their name. This will tag them as a champion. You’ll be able to filter contacts, to dos, and communications based on champion status.

Filter Your Search Lists

Find your Champions from any segment. With advanced search, you can build smart lists based on any search criteria, including custom fields. Build a list of by things like geographic area, when a contact was added, or what the sale status is. Add the Champions criteria and see your best customers from any list.

Build Better Customer Profiles

Find out what makes your best customer tick. Use custom fields to record important info about your customers, and then use that information to develop a profile of your best customers. Do your champions all love blue socks? Are customers who shop more often more likely to be a champion. Record, sort, and utilize your data to create even more champions!

Stay Better Connected

By clicking on the “Champions” filter in your Communications tab you can quickly see anything happening with those folks most important to your business. Or see the Champions filter in your To-Dos tab to make sure none of the follow-ups are falling through the cracks.

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